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  1. you can tell he carefully considers what he can and cannot say about GNR and say nothing
  2. I'd choose Mike Clink as an engineer, not producer. his approach is too "live music" for current GNR I think. but yeah, engineer, to have great guitar sound and shit.
  3. I laughed at the thought of Axl and Rick Rubin in the same studio. wouldn't work. I'd love to see someone like Mark Ronson producing instead. He made Villains for Queens Of The Stone Age, which is one of the best records of the last 20 years. Or Jack White, who produced his album Fear Of The Dawn, which is also an awesome record.
  4. sure, but what do you really think about The General? pretty great news actually
  5. 2006 was one of the best year for Guns, so every goddamn fan should praising it.
  6. Paris 1992, Hippodrome de Vincennes, average show. Soundgarden was very energetic, was in front rows, almost lost a boot sole. I didn't pay too much attention to Faith No More, my bad, they became one of my favourite bands, but I had to deal with a chick I wanted to date. I had mixed emotions after the show, the band already changed so much.
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