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  1. 19 hours ago, 19AT5 said:

    I actually don't mind the album, but I was speaking generally. There are a few good covers on it and a few howlers too! But overall I don't mind it, but rarely listen to it. 

    To put it a different way... I'm yet to meet anybody who cites the album as their favourite GNR album. 

    Yeah it's not one I see out but something I flip on once in a while. I sure do love Axl's performance on Human Being

  2. 9 hours ago, Bitchisback said:

    I'm just saying anybody who hears a new GnR single has probably heard WTTJ, SCOM, PC, NR, Patience, YCBM, L&LD, KOHD already.


    Do you know how hard it would be to for someone to hear a new GnR single and not be aware of at least some of their back catalog?  Most people who hear hard skool or whatever probably have already made up their mind on GnR, of course that isn't every case but the vast majority I would say it is. 


    That doesn't mean there is no reason for them to make new music, or release singles or anything like that. I just don't think it's as important for a band like GnR.  They already have more music played on the radio every day than 99.9% of any rock band that has ever existed.  

    Doesn't seem like it'd be any harder than a new band being discovered. It's not only the older crowd going to GNR shows. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Cruel Intentions said:

    I definitely agree. The demo definitely focused more on the lyrics of the song based on the tempo, but I think that was the point back when it was originally recorded and Axl was the only focal point 20+ years ago.

    yeah I called it and hit option #1 and then just hung up. It's free so you don't get billed but I didn't have the guts to move forward 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Martin Riggs said:

    I do like these lyrics:

    Dizzy little dreamer with your head down in the stars
    Fucking little schemer got yourself inside the heart
    Syphilitic priestess baby I know who you are
    Parasitic demon sucking acid through your heart

    I can guess which word Dizzy wrote in this song 😄

    Are the official lyrics posted? 

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