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  1. Good question. Perhaps the others were leftists rioters. But I do think it's interesting that the DOJ has only been able to charge a right-wing boogaloo despite Barr's proclamations of the destruction being the result of left-wing saboteurs.
  2. Probably. Generally it’s a good sign for Democrats whenever the turnout of young voters is higher. 18-29 year olds favour Biden by 20-30 points. But as @Swampfoxsays, there is no way to be certain that these votes are predominantly going for Biden since it doesn’t measure partisanship (though I think it’s a safe assumption that Biden is getting most of these votes).
  3. Maybe... But as i said, it’s a gamble for Trump and Republicans to bank on one day to capture all of their votes. It could happen, but I would rather have my votes locked in beforehand. Weather has been known to affect election outcomes. What happens to all of those Republican votes if a hurricane or massive thunderstorm hits Florida on November 3rd? How likely are soft Republican seniors willing to head to the polls if we see daily covid case counts over 100k+ on November 3rd? You might be right and Republicans can make up the difference. But they only have one day to do it. Plus th
  4. No. I believe you can cure your vote up until certification. The likelihood your ballet will need to be cured or rejected is low so long as you filled out your ballet properly. The actual vote data hasn’t been released. They are projections by voter analytics companies.
  5. I do agree that if the debate were solely judged on the basis of who was the sharper speaker and rhetorical sparer, then Trump had the better performance. I think for someone like you, myself, and others who follow the weeds of politics it appeared Trump was the sharper debater in the back and forth. But I really don't think average voters, many who don't pay attention to politics most of the time, judge or consume a debate in the same way you and I do. In the 90 minutes of the debate, i didn't hear a single reason put forward by Trump for what his second term agenda would be. What did
  6. “Through now, and as ballots continue to come in, the first thing officials do is scan them into the state database to log that the ballot has been received. This prevents anyone from casting two ballots and allows a voter to use the state’s Track My Ballot tool. Because of what the site is calling “historically high volume,” it could take one to two weeks for a ballot to be logged into the system, depending on the number of people doing this work in a given county and the number of ballots that county is receiving. Once it is logged, a ballot will only be marked as “received,” as opposed to “
  7. Democrats have built up huge early vote advantages in key swing states. With cases spiking, Republicans are essentially banking on making up the large vote leads built by Democrats to one day of voting. It’s possible, but my gut (and hope) says good luck with that... https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/23/early-voting-numbers-swing-states-431363
  8. Borat 2 40 minutes in and already as great as the first one.
  9. Never would have expected this development: Quoting for posterity...
  10. A lot of it, yes to a certain degree. It depends on the time frame you're talking about. Biden was clear in his answer last night that the US needs to move off of fossil fuels by 2050. So in that sense Trump is right that Biden has been in favour of banning fossil fuels. But Biden has been clear that any ban would be phased in over the next thirty years, not during his Presidency. Unfortunately for Biden he's never articulated this fact well. He stumbles over his policy that makes it easy for people like Trump to take him out of context. As I said in a post from last nigh
  11. I felt it went the other way. Biden started out strong but faded the second half. His best areas were at the beginning of the debate on covid and healthcare. Both candidates did poorly on the issues of race. It's sad that discussion of black americans almost always gets framed around the issue of criminality. On the issue of fracking and oil/gas, I know conservatives and Republicans want to believe that this will somehow hand Pennsylvania to Trump. But the reality is there's really no oil in Pennsylvania, and fracking is actually opposed by a (slim) majority of people living in
  12. I've seen all of those clips and they are heavily edited to exclude Biden's longer point that he would ban new fracking on federal lands and eliminate subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. The last clip is especially egregious because Biden ends his statement by framing it with respect to subsidies. I do think Biden has skirted around the issue during the primaries. The funny thing is that every time Biden came close to the line his campaign would walk the comments back soon after. The reality is that it is not possible to ban any fossil fuel in the near to medium term. Biden
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