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  1. 24 minutes ago, Homefuck said:

    Just watched this and came to three conclusions:
    1. I'm so glad that the fucking DOUCHE Dj Ashba is gone. Poser.
    2. A stripper? Really? I hope that they won't pull shit like that now. Pathetic.
    3. Frank seems to have played the off beat-hihat in Jungle since atleast 2014. Too bad.

    4. Ron's tone is awful

    5. Pitman's back vocals are terrible

    6. No need for 3 guitars

    7. the giants screens are cheezy and distracting

    8. nugnr were always a big joke

  2. Seeing Slash play on CD stuff with a drunken Pitman dancing in the background is going to be painful; it would be the ultimate act of subservience. And then there is going to be all these Jarmos, Team Brazil wankers and Del James backstage, people who have devoted a large part of their life insulting the old band.

    Slash, Axl called you a cancer. Go and kick him in the bollocks.

    I think my worst nighmare is Axl bringing Beta or Jarmo on stage to sing them happy birthday while Duff and Slash are there... That would ruin absolutely everything about GNR for me.

  3. Ditch him for reals he means nothing and I hate his background vocals they're atrocious

    I hope he will shut up during Rocket Queen because he totally ruins the song, in fact he should shut up during every songs. I'm sorry but he looks like a useless drunk on stage. No need for him.

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  4. The best they can do is fill arenas, forget stadiums. When the Police reunited it was the original 3 and it was a big thing, and they mostly played arenas. People can hear on youtube what Axl sounds like these days, that won't help.. And I still can't understand why 2 keyboards players, it's lame to see Dizzy play the bongos because he's useless half the time, but to see Pittman just jerking off up there is ridiculous... and 3 guitarists.. if you have Slash in your band, you DON'T need 3 guitar players. Sorry I guess we should just be happy but I want this thing to be as good as possible and an hybrid reunion is not that great imo.

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  5. I'm simply not having anything to do with this charade. Izzy Stradlin is my favourite gunner and Adler was pivotal to the gnr sound. Without those two, it is just nugnr with Slash and Duff.

    Even though I'm excited to see Axl, Slash and Duff on the same stage, I kind of agree. Nugnr was such a joke in my eyes. If Frank and Pittman are part of this reunion, it's kind of ruining it a little bit, everything about nugnr should die and disapear, but i'll try to concentrate on the positive.

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