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  1. Axl sounds like shit, isn't in very good shape and he takes certain songs out of the setlist because he can no longer sing them.
  2. For me, if the track list had been as follows, choosing between Appetite or the best of the Illusions would be the hardest life choice I would EVER have to make: 1) Civil War 2)Yesterdays 3)Knocking on Heaven's Door 4)Breakdown 5)You Could Be Mine 6)Estranged 7)Don't Cry 8)November Rain 9) Coma 10) Dead Horse 11) Don't Damn Me 12) Right Next Door to Hell 13) Pretty Tied Up
  3. I mean, you kinda gotta admit that Rush was accurate with his 'spoiled brat' comment about Axl's St. Louis antics.
  4. Can someone please update me on this latest rumor? What did I miss? Why are people speculating about a November single release?
  5. Can someone please change the title of this thread to the "The NO new album thread?" Thanks
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