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  1. Ummm, wouldn't you guys want the first official video/single to be something way better than 'Hard School?' I mean, it's kinda good, but that's all. Assuming Axl doesn't overproduce the shit out of it, I'm sure Slash and Duff's contributions will make it, like, 30% better but STILL. I don't know what to expect. I just don't want old ass material (that differs significantly from classic GNR) getting pushed out there.
  2. Not at all. I have no issue with someone having a different perspective. I just have zero tolerance for disrespect.
  3. My review: I was there with my 72 year old mom. She was absolutely blown away by the passion and overall performance. She LOVED Slash's guitar playing and thought Axl looked and sounded fantastic. The crowd ABSOLUTELY loved the show and it exceeded even my expectations. Whatever Axl lacked in stamina and power at times (vocally) didn't take away from the performance and was really not even noticed by the crowd. He's still an amazing frontman and NO ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD can hold a candle to this band live, STILL. 'Absurd' actually impressed me live but the vital potency has been subdued by the overproduced recorded version. I HOPE that release is simply something fun for the fans for the new tour and is not highly indicative of what's to come on a new album (Slash and Duff adding parts to Axl's sub par decade's old material). My highlights: Sweet Child, It's so Easy, Knocking on Heaven's door, November Rain. The whole concert was fucking great and Axl is only going to get stronger as the tour progresses. He is at least 15-20lbs lighter than he was in 2016. All you naysayers need to get your asses off this website more often and go walk in the sun. Peace and love!
  4. Sounded way better live last night at MetLife (I was there). This is overproduced and robs the song of its rocking vibe. Absurd indeed
  5. Question: Were there merchandise stands at this show? Someone posted on HTGTH that they're doing away with them and only selling online to prevent crowds/long lines.
  6. So what time would you say they actually came on stage at?
  7. They MUST include either Patience or Don't Cry (ideally BOTH) back into the setlist moving forward. Not seeing either the first two shows is extremely disappointing to me.
  8. Question: What time did WVH come on stage and then what time did GNR come on stage? I'm taking my 72 year old mom to the MetLife show in NJ on Thursday and don't want her to have to sit in the seat any longer than necessary. Seeing WVH is NOT a priority for me. Thank you!
  9. I'd love to see him sit down with Rogan for a few hours, but he never will.
  10. No, it's clear that Axl never puts in as much effort as possible to get in the best shape he can for his age. It's not harsh, it's simply true. He's the center focus for one of the biggest acts in show business and he clearly could do more to get in better shape.
  11. He SHOULD motivate himself to get in the best shape possible for his age (as Duff always seems able to do) but he won't. He'll probably carry around 25+ extra pounds and use the first few shows as a warm up vocally.
  12. I kinda admire its experimental originality and do listen to it sometimes, but probably wouldn't really give it the time of day if Axl/GNR hadn't created it.
  13. Axl sounds like shit, isn't in very good shape and he takes certain songs out of the setlist because he can no longer sing them.
  14. For me, if the track list had been as follows, choosing between Appetite or the best of the Illusions would be the hardest life choice I would EVER have to make: 1) Civil War 2)Yesterdays 3)Knocking on Heaven's Door 4)Breakdown 5)You Could Be Mine 6)Estranged 7)Don't Cry 8)November Rain 9) Coma 10) Dead Horse 11) Don't Damn Me 12) Right Next Door to Hell 13) Pretty Tied Up
  15. I mean, you kinda gotta admit that Rush was accurate with his 'spoiled brat' comment about Axl's St. Louis antics.
  16. Can someone please update me on this latest rumor? What did I miss? Why are people speculating about a November single release?
  17. Can someone please change the title of this thread to the "The NO new album thread?" Thanks
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