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  1. Anyone noticed that IMDBs "known for" section on actor/director/etc profiles has turned to complete shit? I was watching The Thing (1982) last week and later went onto Kurt Russells profile and appearantly he's known for The Hateful 8, Escape from LA, Executive Decision and Tango and Cash. Surely he's more known for The Thing, Tombstone, Miracle, Bone Tomahawk, Escape from NY, GotG2, Big Trouble..., Deepwater Horizon, Christmas Chronicles or Stargate? Having Escape from LA on it instead of NY, like wtf? I'd never even heard of ED or T&C.. I dunno, maybe it's just Kurt Russel
  2. Of Craig's movies, I've only seen Casino Royal and that was around the time it came out, remember it as pretty good. Figured I'd give them a chance but I've never been a big Bond fan. Do they tie into each other at all?
  3. According to Marilyn Manson, he was the one who introduced Charles Manson’s music to Axl, there’s a story about it in his autobiography. But there’s ALOT of crazy shit stories in that book..
  4. Finished the main story and got the platinum trophy on Ghost of Tsushima yesterday. I've never went for platinum before, quite enjoyed the experience. I've had 4 weeks off work now and with this weather I don't think I've played as much video games since I was a kid, if even then. Before GoT got released I played Days Gone which was really fkn good too.
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    Love Ocean Man and The Blarney Stone
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