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  1. Uhhmm you do realize there is Waynes World 2 and ir's awesome
  2. Haven't even listened them all. And the "best" ones maybe three or four times tops. But I liked Quick song.
  3. This is sad as fuck. I've loved this band since 1993. Kept following the forums weekly, if not daily, since the early 2000's. Waited for Chinese, listened the leaks as they came by, bought the album. Liked some of it. Always hoped that Axl and Slash would reunite. Once they did, it was awesome. But now, the excitement is wearing thin. No new music. Nothing. When I saw the Snoop + Gnr photo it hit me the first time. These guys are getting old as fuck. Just call it a day if you're not planning to release any new material. Or at least come clean and stop fucking teasing us about it.
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