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  1. I think this is all intential and it's coming out this week
  2. Plus then there was this setlist photo posted on GnR official social media account asking if they should add something. It's coming boys and girls. And it's coming this week.
  3. Silkworms brings out the artist Guns n Roses but not the album Chinese democracy.
  4. Doesn't work here in Finland. Might have something to do with country restrictions or so. Maybe it happens only for the people in USA?
  5. I personally wouldn't mind if it was called YUI III. I kind of like the idea actually. But then it shouldn't consist mostly out of Chinese leftovers though...
  6. As a Nirvana fan this is weird and also cool seeing how things have gone on.
  7. We all can see from the recent gigs that this is indeed the case. So yay. suomi finnland perrkele
  8. I do not know since I was just being a jack ass Sorry. But I love the passion you have been going on for this song. And Absurd. Which is not a good song. But you're a good spirit.
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