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  1. It was bad and he acknowledged that himself after the song
  2. 100 times better song than Absurd. Next a brand new song please. Whenever that may be.
  3. Enjoy the first performance of Hardskool
  4. It was posted as an instagram story. Aren't those only available for a short period of time and then get deleted automatically?
  5. You know where you are!? You're in school baby and it's haaaaaaaaaaaard
  6. What's the logic in muting even if it was Hardskool since earlier they posted Slash playing Hardskool...which means it can only mean that they're soundchecking another new song, is it The General?
  7. Hardskool tonight, 100 percent sure about this
  8. I'm in the group of Illusions being much better than Appetite. Love them both.
  9. I think this is all intential and it's coming out this week
  10. Plus then there was this setlist photo posted on GnR official social media account asking if they should add something. It's coming boys and girls. And it's coming this week.
  11. Silkworms brings out the artist Guns n Roses but not the album Chinese democracy.
  12. Doesn't work here in Finland. Might have something to do with country restrictions or so. Maybe it happens only for the people in USA?
  13. I personally wouldn't mind if it was called YUI III. I kind of like the idea actually. But then it shouldn't consist mostly out of Chinese leftovers though...
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