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  1. First time I haven’t had any desire to see a tour for this band. If Axl comes out swinging and sounds good early in the tour, I might pull the trigger on one of the later tour dates, but I’m not very optimistic.
  2. I know every generation says the music they grew up with was better than “the sh&t the kids listen to nowadays,” but I’m about your age (I was 11 in ‘91), and for our generation it’s absolutely true!
  3. yeah, thanks for the update @troccoli
  4. What were the actual recommendations you made to them?
  5. I don't post very much, but I had to quote this comment. So funny and so true. I consider myself a hardcore GNR fan and they've managed to beat the excitement out of me. Maybe if i had an extra $10k to drop on a pinball machine, I'd be excited right now, but being a hardcore fan of this band isn't fun for me anymore. It's just not.
  6. At least it's something. Baby steps with these guys. Listening to it now. Some parts are great.
  7. Any reviews on the sound? Is the pressing good? Does it sound better than the CD? Any DR measurements?
  8. I still check this thread everyday, but why? It's an existential question.
  9. What a joke. When CD dropped in ‘08, I never thought in my wildest dreams that we’d be waiting a minimum of TWELVE years for another album. I thought the guy finally got comfortable releasing music. Nope.
  10. Not sure if you guys saw this, but Linkin Park just announced a reissue SDE box. It’s got 3 vinyl albums, 5 CDs with some containing unreleased demos, b-sides, etc., 3 DVDs featuring a documentary, backstage footage, 2 entire live shows and another 90 minutes of unreleased live footage, a cassette tape, an 80 page book and some trinkets - $200. I’m not a fan of Linkin Park but here’s another example of a band celebrating an important album in a way that I think is cool. The only thing this set is missing is a 5.1 or Atmos mix. I am hopeful that we’ll get something like this
  11. never gonna happen with this band, unfortunately. what they should do is press Hardschool on a bonus 7 inch that comes with the version you buy direct from GN'R's website. That would be waaaaayyyy too obvious though for Team Brazil.
  12. No, I saw the last show of the Axl/DC tour in Philly. He was out of the chair by then and he sounded even better than these videos.
  13. Yeah, I agree - that is really cool how they did that. The sound quality on the vinyl is excellent, as well.
  14. Yep, and I'm specifically referencing this pressing: https://www.discogs.com/Nirvana-Nirvana/release/7807206
  15. Sometimes GH LPs get remastered for vinyl. There is a Nirvana GH double LP that plays in 45rpm (instead of 33rpm) and it sounds awesome on an audiophile rig. Blink 182 put out a GH package that remixed/remastered some of their old stuff (e.g. the song Damnit sounds 1,000 times better on the GH LP than it does on any pressing of the underlying album Dude Ranch). The attractiveness of the GN'R release really hinges on the sound of the vinyl and whether any of the tracks are remastered. For those that don't play or like vinyl, nothing to see here (although it is interesting that SOYL was adde
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