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  1. Wow - great find, fellas. The interesting thing I took from the ISRC Handbook quoted on the prior page is that these codes are only to be assigned after the mixing phase. that's good in terms fo timing for a potential release. Of course, this is gn'r we're talking about, so these songs may never be released at all.
  2. I like it a lot. I like some parts of the demo better but whatever. It’s still new music and it’s a cool banger to blast in the car with an old school gn’r vibe. As others have mentioned, the beginning of the song is definitely the end of a prior song, so that stupid tracklist from me the GNFNR EP wad total BS (thank God).
  3. just saw this on the steve hoffman forums. There are a ton of music industry insiders on there - who knows if it's true. Brand new EP for Guns N' Roses called "GnFnR" will be published on every stream platform in two fridays.1 - "HardSkool"2 - "Wichita Lineman"3 - "Black Hole Sun"4 - "The Seeker"5 - "Bennie & The Jets"6 - "Absurd"Two brand new original songs, three studio versions of covers and a brand new unheared cover.
  4. I’d be happy with an EP or anything at this point.
  5. I was 11 years old, and I remember seeing the YCBM video that came out alongside Terminator 2. When UYI albums dropped, it was beyond huge. My pre-teen friends and I had a conversation akin to the following: “which one has YCBM? II? Ok, get that one. But wait, the other one has November Rain and Don’t Cry. Well, II also has Don’t Cry.” To this day, I love ‘em both. I do think II is ever so slightly better though. It was great seeing them dust off Civil War finally in 2010 (or whenever that was), and I’m so glad it’s a live staple now. Really hoping for a cool box set, with demos and at least a live show on vinyl that we haven’t heard.
  6. It’s lame that they didn’t play it tonight (and the constant sound checking is equally lame - it’s a dick-tease to gn’r fans, who are arguably the most tortured in all of music -bands that are dead or been broken up for decades consistently release exponentially more music than this band). That said, I do think it will come out this month with a new album by December. Why do I think this? Because I’m a f@cking idiot that can’t help himself.
  7. I think HS will actually be side A of the 7 inch (whenever it actually comes out in a few months), and Absurd will be the B-side.
  8. This is the greatest thing to be discovered in gnr land in the past 3 years - probably going all the way back to CD coming out actually. The locker leaks were great and all, but this is just insanely awesome.
  9. Crowd was great around me. At one point the moon was up over the open air stadium and Axl commented that Jupiter was also out (he made a joke about giving the crowd an astronomy lesson). Beautiful clear night.
  10. Just got back from the show. I was down in the pit on Slash’s side. It rocked. They looked like they were having a blast too. I don’t know if it just sounds so much better in person, but Ax delivered a very strong performance. There were definitely flashes of rasp - even at the end of patience. Absurd sounded f’n sick live-they use those effects on his voice and it sounded trippy hearing it. There’s no doubt that the verses definitely sound better live without the accelerated “screaming fucking banshee” that sounds copied and pasted too early. The slash absurd solos (and Richard’s too) absolutely slayed. The song really has a great punk vibe to it, and it gives me similar feels to when I saw them play Down on the Farm in Baltimore’06. Maddy was a nice surprise. They had a whole lyric video for the song playing behind them that really kicked in during the movie quotes-I was surprised to see that they had a full video treatment for a song that they barely play, but it was really great. It makes you wonder if they have other video treatments for songs they haven’t played on this leg yet. Overall, I’m so glad I went. They seem like they are really cohesive as a band, and the absurd, maddy and seeker additions are a good sign that they are having fun, that Axl is loosening up a bit with the setlist and that there is hope there are more surprises coming.
  11. Well, I’m going. Hope Ax sounds good tonight. See ya in the pit.
  12. If they are going to slash (apologies for the pun) ticket prices for this show, what time today do you guys think that will happen? I’m on the fence about going.
  13. Saw the first ever performance of this back in NYC at Hammerstein. That show was the best vocal performance I’ve ever seen from any performer in any band.
  14. Maybe they use the same font because the UYI version of the band has the same big 3 (after Izzy left) as there is right now, and that version of the partnership owns that font/logo?
  15. Couldn’t agree more. Hate the intro and outro. Should have stuck with the ‘06 version with those.
  16. This 100%. I’m thinking they debut it in a couple weeks in LA.
  17. Now, I’m going back and listening to some of the locker leaks and am salivating at the thought of Slash (and Duff) on some of these tracks (zodiac, oklahoma, dummy, devious bastard). Very excited for hardskool.
  18. Wasn’t this the first song nuguns played together? It’s like Axl just picked back up where he would have been if Slash never left, except that it’s 28 years later. To say that this dude plays the long game is an understatement.
  19. It sounds great with headphones. Axl’s voice sounds warped and trippy.
  20. This UYI box is my only legitimate hope of hearing gnr music I haven’t heard before (whether it’s demos, live stuff or a 5.1 mix).
  21. I’m mildly interested at this point - whether I get tickets will depend on the set lists and Axl’s voice quality. I’m not very hopeful though.
  22. First time I haven’t had any desire to see a tour for this band. If Axl comes out swinging and sounds good early in the tour, I might pull the trigger on one of the later tour dates, but I’m not very optimistic.
  23. I know every generation says the music they grew up with was better than “the sh&t the kids listen to nowadays,” but I’m about your age (I was 11 in ‘91), and for our generation it’s absolutely true!
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