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  1. It just goes to show that this was never intended to be a full "reunion". Fortus would never have been asked to step aside for Izzy or Frank for Steven. Adler can play Illusion and CD shit just as well. I'm upset Axl went this direction instead of just closing the "Chinese" era down...
  2. I think there could be a legal threat for sure. I also think the chance of him ever rejoining them is done. Adler even said he accepted "peanuts" to rejoin the tour. Something Izzy (with good reason) was unwilling to do. What was the original plan? What did Axl/Slash and Duff talk about those first few meetings? I would love to know. Was the plan a full AFD lineup? What about Fortus and Frank? Were they called in when Izzy didn't show and Adler hurt himself? Duff said in an interview that they were waiting for Izzy to show and he just never did. I understand the show (and money) mus
  3. Sorry forgot that was on your show. Well done! Adler said to Lefon he was more involved and hurt his back. I would love to know what was originally planned etc. I guess we will never know...
  4. Thanks for your reply Brando and putting it into perspective. Just wish these guys would get real with their fans. This band is very far from reality most of the time. Your best interviews are with Dougie Goldstein. He may be a bit flakey but he's real. Also Niven was good as well or was that with Lafon? Can't remember.
  5. I want to express some constructive criticism regarding this Podcast. He has had a dream list of guests over the past little while. You just aren't asking these guys any "real" questions. Maybe it was the wrong time to have Matt in because he probably dishes some dirt in his book. Here are a couple of questions that would have been great to hear: 1) When did your relationship turn sour with Axl? 2) What was the prep for UYI in terms of learning the songs? Were all the songs ready to go with Steven on the demos or did you contribute musically to new songs that came up during th
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