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  1. You know, I've been listening to GNR for long time now, and never heard of this song. Was this written as part of the Appetite sessions? Or after Appetite and before UYI?
  2. My World is the least listened to GNR original on spotify. The least listened to songs (there are five that are listened to less than my World) are all covers. These numbers overall are interesting, but it's worth considering that they are a specific sample. it's worth considering that because GNR fans tend to be slightly older at this point in time, they are also likely to be listening to music through CDs, ITunes etc. So the real numbers of GNR listens worldwide are likely to be much higher. I listen to GNR everyday for example, but through my ipod and never on spotify, w
  3. There's nothing difficult at all to it. You just hover your cursor over the song and it tells you how many plays it has. In relation to UY1, the less well known songs have plays in the range of the better CD songs. For instance Don't Damn Me has 12M and Coma has 12M. November Rain in contrast has close to 500M, Don't Cry 240M and LALD 107M. On UY12, Dont Cry and KOHD are the most popular songs on 240M and 340M respectively. YCBM has 100M. Most of the other songs are in around the 12-15 M plays. Estranged is a bit of an outlier with 50M plays, so very popular without being i
  4. Just out of curiosity I looked at the numbers of plays that CD has on spotify. This I love is the most popular song by a long way with 23.5 million plays. CD itself and Better have 19 million plays each. Twat and SoD have 9 million each. Madagascar and CITR have 5 million, well behind If The World on 9 million. Some interesting info. there. I wouldn't have thought that This I Love was the most popular song on the album, though it's the most like November Rain I guess. Overall, even though CD sold less than other GNR albums, these figures actually compare quite well to
  5. This is a very recent video on youtube that someone did of Buckethead's Nightrain solo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeI2eESrixE&ab_channel=PeterHu
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