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  1. If instead of Shatner it would've been Axl. Nobody in this forum would care about money, age, weight or anything
  2. I can't believe it!!! It's not the Enterprise but nevermind. Captain Kirk is going to sapace The guy is 90 years old!!! https://edition.cnn.com/business/live-news/william-shatner-blue-origin-space-flight/
  3. So... Liz Cheney regrets to have opposed gay marriage. Rep. Liz Cheney says ‘I was wrong’ to have opposed same-sex marriage before - The Washington Post
  4. Some info Hard Skool was in fact Jackie Chan. It seems there is more to come at some point https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-officially-drops-new-song-hard-skool/
  5. Happy to see GN'R finally!!! figured out it doesn't take rocket science to release a couple of songs. Lets hope the next EP doesn't take 14 years of pain Enjoy this at least for now
  6. The real problem is that it is way too easy to launch a recall California. All that is needed is signatures. I wouldn't be surprised if next week they launch another recall We're dealing with moronic trumpists. Maybe in other States they have a similar policy. That I don't know. I think that impeachment or something similiar would make more sense. But it would requiere an ammendment to the California constitution. Biden is also a winner. He needed to win more than Newsom
  7. Wait! We went from Indiana ain't my kind of town, to from one Hoosier to another? What do you know! I know that during NuGN'R they played there. But I don't remember much about that show Well, it's a good thing he could put his past behind him. And move on
  8. A show in Indianapolis is special for Axl. In my case, from the begining I got the feeling about what they mean with "special" You could make the case that instead of "special" They could've said "Home sweet home" or something like it, I give you that. But we all know they never make any announcement. Things just happen in this band. Is that the right way to run things? Of course not! All we can do is hope and pray
  9. It makes more sense to me if Beta and Fernando are the ones who send the messages to Gilby on behalf of Axl. I mean Gilby says he hasn't talked to Axl in a long time. And yet he also says that from time to time Axl has sent him messages
  10. Axl is from Indiana. I guess that makes it special. He has a love/hate relationship with his hometown
  11. I think his brother Stewart still lives there. I don't know about his sister Amy. I guess you could try to find them in social media. Assuming they are using social media I'm not sure. I think years ago here there were people posting things Stewart and Amy were saying
  12. Yeah it is another tour with Slash and Duff. Adler joined them a couple of times. And they called Izzy. But there was an issue of spliting the loot equally. No Backethead, no Tommy, no Ashba, no Fink
  13. I would agree with you if the CD band members were on stage playing all the CD songs +Absurd, The Geneneral, etc But this is a reunion tour. And they only play few CD songs.
  14. I'm not comparing Tracy and Roberta with Melissa. Tracy and Roberta didn't play keyboard. At that time it was Teddy. Was he essential? I'm saying that if they were not essential neither is Melissa Necessary in a song here and there, fine. Essential to the band and the show as whole? I don't think so I don't believe that Melissa is the new Izzy Stradlin Where did you get this? NR has keyboards, piano and orchestra. But I never heard anyone talking about specific fake flute flurries for the song in the past when it was recorded.
  15. Don't worry I ignore the whole tour. I'm not planning to go to any show. The problem is that some people claim that what she does is essential.
  16. I was not drunk during a show. Nor I only care about Slash top hat. If Axl needs help he could get Tracy and Roberta when it comes to his voice. During the UYI tour they had Teddy also playing keyboards. He is gone. And I don't see anyone begging to get him back. Some shows from the Skin N Bones Tour were much better that what we had back in 92 and today. I never heard anyone complaning that November Rain sucks without Melissa and her flute flurries as she put it
  17. In what way is Melissa essential? WTTJ needs her? Don't Cry needs her? PC needs her? NR needs her? I believe Dizzy can handle CD songs by himself just fine. What could Melissa bring to There Was A Time or Madagascar?
  18. I don't give a fuck. It was a heck of a show! One of my all time favorites
  19. I can only speak for myself, Is it Melissa's contribution essential to the show? Isn't it enough with Dizzy? For me it is not about a person or name. If tomorrow they fire Melissa and they replace her with some John Doe I would feel the same way. GN'R didn't become an iconic band because of keyboards. Don't get me wrong GN'R has the right to hire 10 keyboard players if they feel like it. And I have the right to be against it.
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