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  1. Nope. That's an old pic. Pre-mask - even the concierge outside the workout room is unmasked. It's simply a happy birthday post and it's probably the only pic Jordan has to share.
  2. Don't think this was a "bloated" thing. I believe they were enjoying being creative, and looking to their influences (Wings, Zeppelin, Aerosmith) who all had those instruments in their recordings. I also liked the idea that apparently Slash pitched, about doing a small club tour (kinda like GNR 2013), that wouldn't have been stripped down like AFD days. I think they would changed things up with each tour - the biggest issue was always third parties interfering and miscommunication causing trust issues. Most bands that solved those issues, manage to stay together longterm.
  3. Try playing these back at 95% (youtube playback speed, custom)- they sound better groove-wise. I feel like 97% would be the best setting, but I don't think it's selectable.
  4. I have to say, from a vocal point of view YCBM, Slither, and RQ were surprisingly good. Axl is fucking trying and mostly getting there. Two observations from this and all NITL videos: it's easy to hear that his upper register has lost volume - when he quickly switches lower, he sounds super loud. The sound engineer should try some hard compression and see what it sounds like it. Every singer's range starts to deteriorate from age and longterm belting/use. All the best singers experience this Steve Tyler has lost his mid range a bit David Coverdale... omg R
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