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  1. me and my gf had our 10 year anniversary today, Hard Skool got released, I had a Guinness, Hard Skool got released, the Guinness was followed by 4 different craft beers, Hard Skool got released, I had a dry aged rib eye steak, Hard Skool got released..... what a day
  2. something new... i don't care if it was written and already recorded during the nugnr era. i just don't wanna know. i'm happy as long as it hasnt leaked yet
  3. rabbit vpn and 30 days trial... just be sure to end your abo before you start to pay. or head over to reddit... someone might've posted a link
  4. nice... so we're getting acoustic Absurd... fn finally. can't wait to hear what magic Dizzy did on his fn Bongos
  5. and it shows up on Spotify... at least sometimes... for some... who don't live in Canada
  6. 100% with you... if I had to show someone GNR who never heard them and only have a few seconds time, I'd play the Back Off Bitch intro
  7. I think before the tour starts... they need to boost ticket sales.
  8. I've told everyone that I won't go to a GNR concert as long as they don't play new songs. Now I'm relieved that I'm not going to be a liar if I go to the show that I bought tickets for the day it was announced
  9. Adlers skull on the front of the bong makes sense
  10. I can't find it. I've searched the obvious places, but no luck. Can someone help me out? Please
  11. Appetite. Bootleg: Cross on the front, original cover on the back - but only the blonde girl with her pants down was visible, the rest was cut out. Quite a shocker back then in school. I was 13. lol
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