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  1. They are gonna release a GNR dildo so the fans can finally go fuck themselves.
  2. My theory is that he hasn't lost the rasp in his voice. He uses it when he wants. I believe he has lost the strained whine sound such as used in you could be mine and sweet child.
  3. Maybe Axl had moment of clarity and realized that the problem might be him after so many nuguns people quit. Its almost the same as the original guys quitting only not as many people cared. Or Axl read Duff's book How to be a Man.
  4. Its Reelz channel. Sorry for typo. Yep, so will I.
  5. Reel channel has a new 2 hour show about Axl January 30 at 7pm. It will probably be nothing we haven't heard or seen before, but if you want to check it out....there you go.
  6. Whenever they start up touring again, people need to holler out WHERE IS CHRIS PITMAN! He's in my ass fuckhead go home.
  7. The sound of a band breaking up is better than the stones version. Axl could sing the few names left in the phone book and it would be better than 99 percent of the garbage people make popular today. Just look at the mtv music awards thats coming up, f me.
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