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  1. Yeah that GNR. The same one touring during a pandemic and supposedly hated Trump but its ok now since the Brandon administration is in office.
  2. Because they can sell out stadiums without 4 other bands on the bill.
  3. Dexter is coming back.....but only on Showtime. Axl has to love that. But Dexter chatting on this forum again... doubtful!
  4. I've never really read why Scott walked away from the group. Unless he could make more money as a solo artist. Weird how both singers bailed on the group.
  5. I'd love to hear about the Art of Anarchy album with Scott Stapp. That album was the best I've heard from any artist in a long time. Wish Scott would have stayed on.
  6. Even the woman beside him had her head down in embarrassment. 🙂
  7. I don't understand the infatuation with live music. You have the recorded versions where he nails it every time.
  8. There's no way to go but up when your at rock bottom. I'd like to thank Team Brazil......F#ck Team Brazil.
  9. I would give up....if I hadn't already done so.
  10. What? I can't hear you! There's to many flies buzzing around your head.
  11. No their not silly. They are pretty close and cringe worthy. Myles sounds much better using his lower tone, just as Axl does. Never mind. I just decided I could care less. Just a moment of boredom here at work.
  12. He's at his best at the end of a song.
  13. Everyone saying Myles is a world class vocalist must have shit in their ears.
  14. I was watching some of the videos of absurd on YouTube, has anybody else noticed that Axl is starting to look like Donald Trump with the hair and orange glow on his face?
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