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  1. Part 5 has some hilarious parts. The fat kid who gets an ax to the back while eating a candy bar. Plus the hillbilly mom and son. Classic.
  2. Yup. There was also an actor named Jon-Erik Hexum who was the co-star in a series called Cover Up in the early eighties. He thought it would be fun to play Russian roulette with a prop gun during a lull in filming. It was the last thing he ever did.
  3. Very cool man, love that sustain. Were those kid's voices I heard at one point or was I hearing things?😄
  4. Hadn't seen that in years but it is so fucking hilarious.
  5. Hey man, I liked it. The juxtaposition of your vocals is excellent, the lower register to the high. The lower stuff has that sinister creepy vibe, and I mean that in a good way. Then it really kicks in, you have a good voice. The lyrics are really good too, "Zero and one on your eyelids." Great line. Solid job my man.
  6. That's right, I thought they had sent Doohan's ashes also but wasn't sure.
  7. Yeah, they jettisoned Roddenberry's ashes into space.😄Man, this is so awesome. I've been a trekkie, or trekker, since I was a kid. Very cool that he was able to do this.
  8. Thanks for listening. Yeah, I just did the Bernie Taupin thing on this. Had the title and some lyrics and I emailed them to @SoundOfAGun. We worked together tweaking the lyrics. Then, he took it and totally knocked it out of the park with the music and vocals. I've worked with a lot of musicians but this guy is special. It was an honor working with him.
  9. In the midst of this boredom I invite everyone to check out a collaboration between myself and @SoundOfAGun. Cheers.
  10. When I see Axl at the airport I think of that vid of him on the baggage carousel.
  11. Always really liked Diamond Dave, he really is somewhat of a renaissance man. Not many rock stars have a stint as a paramedic. Wish him the best in this new chapter.
  12. I saw that, you're in Alaska right? They're getting hit hard right now.
  13. Brace yourself, here's some good news. Cases are steadily declining in the U.S.
  14. Totally agree, Tom Atkins is awesome. And the female lead, I think her name is Stacey Nellin(from memory, too lazy to check) is also. In more ways than one. Edit: I was close, it's Stacey Nelkin.
  15. Big Tori Amos fan, I remember seeing the Silent All These Years vid and being blown away. Awesome talent.
  16. Blazing Saddles.😄 There's also an old one from 1958 called Cowboy starring Glenn Ford and Jack Lemmon.
  17. I remember that one, Denzel Washington was in it. Iirc, James Gandolfini also. Edit: I was talking about a different movie called Fallen, which was released in 1998. It actually wasn't bad.
  18. I wonder how many of those incidents were alcohol involved. I would guess a substantial majority.
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