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  1. I played some shows with a girl who had opened for Black Oak Arkansas, she kept saying how cool and nice they were. Anyway, yeah, that's a classic beat.
  2. No doubt.😄 And we got to see Axl juggling and using a whip to swing on, Indy Jones style. They had Axl doing this weird slinking like thing when he walked.
  3. Looks like Axl will be in the entire episode, very cool. He showed those college kids what for when they stiffed the waitress. 😄
  4. Thanks. Well hell, I guess my work is done.😄 But I probably will add at least another verse and maybe some dressing.
  5. Thanks man. It's a work in progress but it has some potential.
  6. This is an unfinished acoustic track I'm working on. It's very rough, please forgive my playing.
  7. Man, do you think everything Axl does has to be about Guns and "huge career decisions"? He's just having some fun.
  8. Maybe you should possibly lighten up a tiny bit. It's a cameo in a cartoon, saying he's fallen from grace is being overly dramatic, imo.
  9. I read that also, inexcusable that something like that could happen.
  10. I was just reading about Judi Evans, she's had a really rough time lately. Her son died in 2019 then she almost had to have her legs amputated due to covid complications. I'm glad to see she's doing better now, she was one of my favs back in the day.
  11. How can they be "stay at home" people if they're out at a show. Totally this, I feel the same way about movies also.
  12. Axl sings like he's ill in that vid. I know it was from a couple years ago but I just hope everything's ok with him health wise.
  13. I remember it being a punchline for awhile but it seems to have come around with a lot of fans. I've only listened to it a few times, I need to revisit it.
  14. Didn't he have a go at Bret Michael's wife? I might be wrong.
  15. Derek Trucks is interesting, I had read something about that earlier. He's a great player but I have a hard time envisioning him in Guns.
  16. Right, then I think they showed the scene in the third one as a flashback. Yeah, Meg Tilly was awesome, Jennifer isn't bad either.
  17. Really like the structure and melody, your vocals are solid. But the guitars sound great, the tonal changes especially.
  18. That could be. I watched some of those Faces Of Death vids, from what I remember a lot of it looked staged. Pretty cheesy really. I remember one where this dumbass skydiver parachuted into an alligator farm.😄 I think they did have some actual legitimate material but it's been so long I can't remember specifically.
  19. He's working some stuff up with Axl, from what I've heard. Steven's playing brush drums and Axl is playing the three strings he plays on the acoustic guitar. They're planning on playing some open mics when the restrictions are lifted.
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