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  1. The cigarette holder always bugged me.πŸ˜„ And he looks a bit baked in that pic, a bit Cheech and Chongish.
  2. It's undeniable, very cool find. I've never heard this song before which is weird because I really like that 80s Bauhaus type thing.
  3. Took a week to cut that album, sometimes it's best just to go in and do it. Let it roll.
  4. Yeah, it's not that it was bad it just wasn't right. I did it in a slightly higher key and it sounds strained in places. I'll have another go at it though.
  5. Thanks. Well, I've recorded this with musicians and I wasnt satisfied with it. I ended up with about 5 different versions that were mediocre.
  6. Yup, it did. I think they also claimed that some of their gear was sabotaged or something.
  7. Yeah, that would be my guess, plus save a bit of money.
  8. Kind of strange they weren't going wireless.
  9. Very cool pic right there. Being a musician I geek out on that shit.πŸ˜„
  10. Very cool. I was watching RFD tv Friday and he was doing Common Man on Country Family Reunion. Roy Clark and Buck Trent did an awesome instrumental of Ghost Riders In The Sky. T. Graham Brown was on there also, I love his gritty voice. He had a song called Wine Into Water that's beautiful.
  11. 1969 Elvis was the peak of the mountain. As Red West described him, "thin as a rake and better looking than ten movie stars."
  12. I enjoy the Osbournes show, Jack is engaging and Ozzy/Sharon are funny. Love their dogs too.
  13. I see that the post total increased by 2 million.πŸ˜„
  14. Good job, I liked the double vocals when they came in.
  15. Hey man, very nice job. I had listened to these before and asked you about the chord progression on one of them. I still remember, it was Dm, Em, C, and A with the capo on the second fret.😊
  16. I loved watching Svengoolie movies but Metv isn't on my package anymore. It sucks because I love Star Trek and Columbo. But yeah, Night Of The Lepus is a classic. One of those so bad that it's good movies.
  17. Hee Haw was a classic. Roy and Buck, The Hager Twins, Archie, Gordie. The whole fucking gang was awesome. I know some people dismiss it as being too corny or country, but the writing on those comedy skits was great. Archie Campbell and Gordie Tapp were geniuses. And of course, the Hee Haw girls.😊
  18. Do you still have George Jones the possum? I helped name him.πŸ˜„
  19. Dark Side Of The Moon syncs up with The Wizard Of Oz and the November Rain vid syncs up with Trump's presidency.
  20. Being a musician that's the thought I've always gone with.πŸ˜„
  21. This is an original acoustic version. I've recorded this with a band but wasnt happy with it. The reverb on this is a bit weird so keep that in mind. Cheers. Edit: That reverb was ridiculous so I put another version up.
  22. Just hang in there, it will get better.
  23. Yeah, I always thought that porn story was a bit suspect. It was a great story though. Especially the part where it supposedly freaked Axl out, come on man.
  24. This is my favorite so far, you nailed this one. Would love to hear you do other things apart from Guns.
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