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  1. I saw that, you're in Alaska right? They're getting hit hard right now.
  2. Brace yourself, here's some good news. Cases are steadily declining in the U.S.
  3. Totally agree, Tom Atkins is awesome. And the female lead, I think her name is Stacey Nellin(from memory, too lazy to check) is also. In more ways than one. Edit: I was close, it's Stacey Nelkin.
  4. Big Tori Amos fan, I remember seeing the Silent All These Years vid and being blown away. Awesome talent.
  5. Blazing Saddles.😄 There's also an old one from 1958 called Cowboy starring Glenn Ford and Jack Lemmon.
  6. I remember that one, Denzel Washington was in it. Iirc, James Gandolfini also. Edit: I was talking about a different movie called Fallen, which was released in 1998. It actually wasn't bad.
  7. I wonder how many of those incidents were alcohol involved. I would guess a substantial majority.
  8. I know what you mean, I've done that quite a bit. It seems more often than not when I give a movie a chance I end up enjoying it.
  9. A Hidden Life (2019) Wow, what a heartbreaking and beautiful film. I really didn't want to commit three hours to watch it but I'm so glad that I did. Watching a Terrence Malick movie is like experiencing someone else's dreams and thoughts. Simply brilliant filmmaking.
  10. I liked Timothy Hutton's evil alter ego in The Dark Half, I think his name was George. Before he kicked that dude in the head he said, "l guess I better punt."😄 And he called everybody "hoss."
  11. Great vid Russ, I enjoy listening to you. I was in the camp that it should've been one album but I changed my mind years ago. Man, your record collection is unreal.
  12. Wow man, thanks for the compliment. Sammy's great, has a bit more range than me.😄
  13. That is a very classy statement from the band, his health supersedes everything else. Wish him the best.
  14. His Burt Reynolds impersonation on those Jeopardy skits was side splitting hilarious. And of course, he was great on Weekend Update. He was merciless on OJ Simpson, classic stuff.
  15. No doubt. I've wanted to tell you I love your Belichick sig pic. Classic 😄
  16. I didn't check this out yet but I remember it well, fucking free for all.😄 Ron Artest was a psycho but a helluva player. This is sort of akin to the Guns riot show in St. Louis.
  17. True. I saw an interview with one of Elvis' nurses who was also a good friend. She witnessed the resuscitation attempts at the hospital and it was obvious he had been dead for a long period of time. But they had to try.
  18. I love that era of Elvis also. I just wanted to interject about Elvis dying alone. I guess it's the semantics of proximity really. Technically, Elvis was alone in that he was the only one in the bathroom. But, his girlfriend Ginger was in the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom and there were people downstairs.
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