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  1. Harry blew me away with Sign Of The Times, brilliant stuff.
  2. You get jaded as an artist, there's just not as much fun to be had. It's sad but it's a definite reality. You become more measured and actually more unsure of yourself. It takes a lot of time and energy to work through that shit. This is from personal experience but I don't have the market cornered on that one.
  3. Yeah, I had an idea what was happening. It had a very Rosemary's Baby vibe going on.
  4. They should make a horror movie about the history of this band. Unbelievable stuff, but interesting nonetheless.
  5. Hereditary (2018) I didn't see the first 30 minutes or so but what I did see was good, some parts were brilliant. I thought the ending didn't quite deliver and kind of derailed a bit. But, Toni Collette's performance was fantastic.
  6. It seems worse because you happen to be living during this particular time. A thousand years ago people were feeling exactly how you're feeling now. I liken it to someone who feels like a plane is going to crash because they're on it.
  7. I understand and it does feel like that sometimes. But atrocities, war, disease, and extreme weather conditions have occurred since the beginning of time. Just remember, it's nothing new. I'm sure a lot of people thought it was the end during the Plague, World Wars, or the holocaust.
  8. Norway has held this mysterious and mystical interest with me. Bowie's Blackstar where he mentions "The Villa Of Ormen" is possibly a veiled reference to Norway. Anyway, seems like a cool place.
  9. I spent quite a bit of time in Phoenix and played a lot of gigs around the valley, cool town. If you're bored there's a club called the Rebel Lounge on Indian School Rd., I played there a few times and Guns played a show there back in the day. Edit: When Guns played there it was called the Mason Jar.
  10. I bet Axl was all about The Incredible Hulk growing up. That was a line from the show that they used in the opening every week.
  11. Is it not allowed to put pics up of these shows? I haven't seen any.
  12. Definitely guilty pleasures of mine. Loved William Forsyth's Richie in Out For Justice, had some great one liners. He was talking to this chick who told him no and he said, " who are you, what's her name, Nancy fuckin' Reabush?" 😄classic.
  13. Looks so much older than 49? I don't think so, looks about right to me.
  14. Didn't Zeppelin's Houses Of The Holy go through something similar?
  15. I saw something on TV about Tarantino being interested in remaking First Blood. I took it with a grain of salt but who knows.
  16. I've actually only smoked it a handful of times but I'm interested in smoking more.
  17. What is it about weed that you don't like?
  18. Wow, I hate to hear this. Charlie was the perfect drummer for the Stones who kept that looseness from going off the rails and would pull it back. Loved his attitude, he loved his gig with the Stones but was probably happier playing in his jazz combo. Such a cool guy.
  19. The Burnt Orange Heresy(2019). I was interested in this movie mostly because Mick Jagger is in it. But I was pleasantly surprised, it's a solid movie. Ol' Mick has a fairly small role, although important, as a sleazy rich art dealer. Donald Sutherland is perfect as an elderly iconic artist. The two leads are good but the guy seems a bit old for that role. The movie is based on a novel.
  20. Very cool. Have you seen Once Upon A Time In Hollywood?
  21. Their harmonies were beautiful, just something about that familial sound that's hard to replicate.
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