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  1. It used to be a joke around here that you could wish someone a happy birthday and someone would come in and say how awful they are.
  2. I think Axl was really intent on selling the Ashba thing, because he is well aware how significant the "lead" guitar spot is in GnR. Some sunk cost fallacy stuff, in there. It really is just the fact of the matter that even if he might be a successful songwriter, his chops as a guitarist aren't there and his image was wal-mart emo bret michaels. It just wasn't a fit.
  3. Classic lineup reunion was a pleasant surprise, and an even greater one when they sounded pretty great coming out of the gate. Then they were welcomed back with open arms in the rock community with the Dave Grohl throne thing and Axl kicking ass with AC/DC, there was reason to be excited, even feel slightly vindicated for staying invested. But then we had the steady decline in performance, the weird boxset schilling, the only "new" piece of music being a polished i.e. partially re-recorded b-side from 1986, then during a period where no touring is understandable but every other artist has foun
  4. Slash relapsing was a rumor elsewhere. Noah Weiland did and Instagram live stream last night where he claimed London had a bad month spell on hard drugs (he went into far more details that an upset person airing dirty laundry would, but I won’t). This isn’t necessarily a secret because London has talked about it himself, it’s why he had to leave Classless Act to try and get himself right. The selling Slash’s guitars thing was a sort of throwaway Noah didn’t even get into deep, a user commented something along the lines of “London sold his dad’s guitars for drugs” and Noah burst int
  5. Noah made some serious accusations regarding London and substance abuse, directly in retaliation to the band’s claims about *his* substance abuse. It was pretty wild, but now I just feel gross for even watching it, then commenting on it, these are just kids. I hope they can reconcile because they seemed to be good pals who have similar life experiences, and that’s important to have.
  6. For those keeping score at home, the children of Slash and Scott Weiland have released music and had a messy break up before the reformed GNR has released music.
  7. YIKES in a live insta someone commented that London sold some of slash’s guitars for drugs and Noah busted out laughing asking how they knew about that. It’s just ugly ugly ugly.
  8. So, Axl’s voice has sounded “weird” aka Mickey for about 20 years now, with notable exceptions, but he has really developed some pitch issues live and I can’t put my finger on when that really started.
  9. There are a bunch of small things that slip through the cracks when you hire your ex-wife from 1993's Nanny and her family to be your band management, things like knowledge and know how and connections and ways to get these things mixed incredibly well that would do Axl and the band nothing but favors. I really enjoyed these as a fan, but I can't help but see how much was left on the table by not really getting these mixes worked on and making it sound like a legitimate release rather than audio ripped straight from the mixing board.
  10. I wouldn't be mad if they got a nice mix and master of these and made a live release, even if they're cut and pasted from different shows.
  11. He is quite excellent in this. Frankly outclassing Slash on this night. I still haven't mastered that string skipping finger plucking thing he does, it is so lovely. He is a great player.
  12. Yes, we are being treated to three covers and a b-side from 1986, but this is enjoyable. I think everyone has been too harsh on the NILT video experience, when there is plenty else to be critical of.
  13. Man, I just don't really care about Shadow of your Love. It was fun as a somewhat rarity and it was cool they retooled it, but they treat it like it was a smash hit. If they were so enamored with it, why didn't it make Appetite? (fwiw it should have over Anything Goes) Axl does crush it live though, so I shoud l stop whining. This video is great.
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