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  1. I don’t have edrums, for me it is for programming drum parts while recording
  2. There's this plugin company Ugritone that makes different themed expansions for their drum sampler, KVLTII drums, and they are doing an arena rock expansion now and they said if I could find out what cowbell was used, they would include it, so it's pretty important to me to figure out lol
  3. My cursory google search has only led to a single person on a forum suggesting it was a standard tama cowbell, I was wondering if anyone knew for sure?
  4. It's one of my favorite tracks, particularly the “ohhhh my salvation” chorus bit. Production-wise it suffers similarly to the rest if CD except worse, just a bunch of extra bullshit bleep loops that serve no purpose.
  5. This list pops up every now and again, and if I recall it was just a ranking of the vocal ranges of the 100 singers on Rolling Stones’ top 100 singers list. The RS list wasn’t based just on vocal ability, it included all the other intangible qualities of being a performer and a star. That is the reason why excellent vocalists with similar quality ranges are not listed, because they weren’t on the RS list.
  6. I mean this is quite clearly and far away the best NITL select yet, this is a great show performance, and great work by TB. Have to give credit it when it is due.
  7. I will always respect Slash's refusal to ever get good at slide guitar but his insistence upon doing it.
  8. Watching 2016 shows is how you could talk yourself into an album of new material from this group really being something.
  9. I swear to god Duff has the best bass tone in the history of time jesus.
  10. This song is so obviously about Slash and him playing it is both cool and really weird.
  11. He sounds god damn great in this one. Release this whole show.
  12. It's so easy first, always the safest one, Axl usually sounds solid on this warn and gets to warm up to the high stuff at the end.
  13. So someone help me remember: were there rumors leading up to the troubadour that this was happening? I remember day/day before we heard about it but in the months leading up were there more credible rumors than there had ever been? I remember 2006 being the hottest and closest we had ever been to it happening, with even more and greater credible sources saying it was real. I would love to hear what happened there.
  14. It used to be a joke around here that you could wish someone a happy birthday and someone would come in and say how awful they are.
  15. I think Axl was really intent on selling the Ashba thing, because he is well aware how significant the "lead" guitar spot is in GnR. Some sunk cost fallacy stuff, in there. It really is just the fact of the matter that even if he might be a successful songwriter, his chops as a guitarist aren't there and his image was wal-mart emo bret michaels. It just wasn't a fit.
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