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  1. 1 minute ago, Blackstar said:

    I didn't accuse you of trolling. I just asked, because I don't get this result and I thought there might be another explanation for this, e.g. someone who listens to GnR a lot on Spotify so every search brings up GnR. I don't have a subscription to Spotify, btw, so maybe it's that.

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come across like that, I was just saying it like "I promise I'm not trolling."  I'm a huge fan and it would be mean as fuck to troll something like that.  Like "From one fan to another, I promise I'm not fucking with you."

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  2. Back 4 Blood is the Spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead.  It's been pretty hyped for a while, it is free to play the Open Beta until 8/16 (on all platforms to my knowledge)


    If you were thinking of getting it, I'd highly recommend playing the open beta.  It's an OK game, but not worth the $60 starting price.  


    You might need a "club membership" to see this post, but you don't need one to play the beta! 

  3. On 4/26/2021 at 1:02 PM, RussTCB said:

    No need to discuss the set list predictions seeing as we already know what they'll play and the order they'll play it in. I also don't think we need to discuss the possibility of new music because, lol. However, there are other things to discuss about the next show. 

    What do you think we happen? 

    Will Fortus still be in the band? That seems a little up in the air with all the gear he's selling. 

    Will Slash get back to playing his own solos remotely close to how he recorded them? I wonder if he was so burned out by the end of the last run, that he was just playing whatever he wants. 

    Will Axl be prepared? Dude never, ever properly prepared for a tour but I'm hoping (like an idiot) that this time is different. 

    What else is anyone wondering about? 

    Based on the bands recent history, it will surely be wild and unpredictable set list, deep cuts and 3-4 never before heard original songs.

    And lots and lots of rasp, obvs.

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  4. Not in order as it will always change, but most of these games will at one point or another fall into my top 5.


    Resident Evil 1 and 2

    Asheron's Call There will never be a game experience like this again because there simply can't be.  A massive open world MMORPG before the internet was what it is now.  You could run in a direction for literally hours and find places and shit that wasn't documented ANYWHERE. It was glorious.

    Quake II

    Doom & Doom II

    Metal Gear NES original

    Civilization (multiple titles)

    Diablo 2

    Legend of Zelda (Multiple Titles)


    In just sheer amounts of time played, Asheron's Call is probably #1 followed by Quake 2 and then Doom.

    Most anticipated game ever was Resident Evil 2.

    Game I was best at UT2k4 (I played on ladders and we were globally ranked as high as #2 at one point)  And Early Madder.  I won a lot of money in Highschool on Madden 93


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  5. Not sure if anyone is fan enough to care, but Shenmue III is free on Humble Bundle this month for subscribers!

    I literally thought of this thread from way back in the day when I saw that.  WTF is wrong with me?

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  6. It's a strange concept to me.  You like the music, or you don't.  Let go of what exactly?  Just decide we don't like the band anymore?  Does it work like that for anyone?  "Oh, you still like Welcome to the Jungle?  Pfft, I decided not to like GnR anymore last fall."


    Maybe while I'm at it I'll decide I don't sex anymore, because reasons.  "You still bang? Pfft, I just decided I like my hand better than a cooter.  I 'Let pussy go."

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  7. These are original in the sense that I wrote and voiced them.  The concept isn't super original, satire commercials spoofing the disingenuous hyperbole of political commercials.  These are my 2 favorite.  I have some that are "scary announcer voice" a political commercial staple, and a few ridiculous commercials "for kids."  If you don't have a sense of humor about politics it will probably irritate you instead of laugh, so I'd skip it.  I think they are pretty funny.  


    I've written a few more, I'm just slow with the video part, you can see how much better I got with editing between my first video from 3 weeks ago and my most recent one.




  8. On 8/18/2020 at 10:23 AM, DurhamGirl said:

    I apologise iff this has already been discussed...ignore me if it  has;)

    I have just listened to Sympathy for the Devil and feel excited about it, I love it!  It is just so great to hear Axle's voice from way back when (1996 I think) singing something 'new' (it is for me) and wow what a voice with such energy and then the electricity of Slash's guitar playing.  It must have been amazing to have been around back then and seeing them in concert.  

    Did you hear this single in 1990s and if so did you like it?  Also did you know Guns was splitting up at the time or were you expecting to see them again?




    I've shared it before here, but it's one of my favorite GnR stories to tell:


    I was driving to class, I was a freshman in college when it came on the radio.  This was long before the internet (or at least what it is now) and I had NO IDEA there was anything incoming from GnR.  The DJ was like "This is the new song from Guns N Roses..." and I was like "What?!" and I pulled over to the side of the road and say there as I listened to it right there as traffic passed me by!

    At the time, if I remember correctly, it was unclear what the future of GnR was.  I 100% know it wasn't officially "over" the rumors of a new album lingered for a few years after Sympathy dropped.  I *THINK* at that point everyone knew they were on a "break" at the very least, Snakepit was on it's way and Duff's album was already out, so nothing was expected from GnR, BUT it wasn't clear that they had broken up either.  Always loved that song!

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  9. 36 minutes ago, axlvai said:

    A bluray from Guns n Metallica from 1992. 


    Easy maney!

    How are those shows viewed in general?  I don't remember people talking about them recently, and I'm not into live shows so I don't have a collection of live stuff.  I don't think I've  even heard anything from that tour. I think when the shows were actually happening, fans were shitting on one of the 2 bands... Like Metallica fans said GnR was doing a shit set and vice versa.    I remember how bad I wanted to see Guns/Metallica with Body Count opening! But that ticket didn't last long, it was like the 3rd show with B/C when St. Louis happened and that particular lineup ended.   

    That would have been a really cool show to catch.  Later down the line I went to Pantera/Zombie with the Ramones opening, probably my favorite single show of all time.  Super shows where you like every band are not super common for me.


  10. 12 hours ago, soon said:

    Nah. Light years from convincing me that you get to be so dreadfully entitled and override workers health and safety protocols.

    Just dont go standing on your porch cheering for the front line workers.

    That is a fascinating take.  I lose my right to cheer for the frontline workers that saved my fathers life because I crossed a nylon rope in a grocery store and never came within 10 feet of a store clerk?

    19 hours ago, AxlisOld said:

    Still a dick move. Ones need for applesauce does not excuse crossing a roped off area.

    Honestly, I have read a lot of your posts over the years, and I'm flat out calling bullshit if you are going to try and tell me that if your 80 year old father was rushed to the ER, in the hospital for a week, with fucking tubes in him (you unable to visit him because hospitals don't allow visitors right now for obvious reasons) finally gets home, not because he is WELL, but because he is well enough to not need constant care and he can't eat solid food and he tells you he wants apple sauce, that YOU would tell him "Tough tit, pop. There was a worker who wanted a 13 foot distance and in order for me to get the apple sauce, I would to have been within 10 feet of her, so it was a no go."  "Please, I'm hungry son!" "There was a rope pop, couldn't do it."    You, Captain kindness and respecting everyone's feelings...? You're going to shit on your dad because someone wants 13 feet instead of 6, because they think masks are "hot?" Whatever man.

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  11. 16 hours ago, soon said:

    So, you figured you instantly knew better about a workers health and safety protocols. You then crossed a boundary, therefore breaking a rule, and now you wanna play victim.

    dont come fucking whining to me about it. Even if it was a “cheerleader” who dared to enforce their rules on you.

    To be fair:  1. I was relaying a story, not "playing the victim." I got what I came for.  I did not get in any kind of trouble.  My inconvenience was minimal to nil.   I admit I got irritated and this might be an age or culture thing, but for me I do not identify irritation and surprise as victimization. If you feel victimized by minor irritations, I respectfully disagree with your point of view, but I think it is more likely you misunderstood the point of the post.  I found the interaction remarkable in the truest sense of the word.  I felt it out of character enough with normal everyday life that it was worthy of commenting or making remarks on.

    2. As far as the workers health and safety, I think that without googling, you already know that a yellow rope would not protect anyone in any way shape or form the corona virus.  Also, doubling the recommended social distancing buffer is not a safe, smart or scientifically reasonable alternative to wearing protective gear.  I would even concede that you could make a case for in the absence of available masks, but they were available but "uncomfortable."  In light of the fact that her lack of the proper protective gear was by choice and not necessity, I would dare say that yes.  I actually DID instantly know better about safety protocols. 

    3. My point wasn't "How dare a cheerleader scold me!" My point was I couldn't believe these words came from such an innocent looking kid.  The title of the thread isn't "How dare this bitch scold me" it was "Society is about to snap."

    10 hours ago, Coma16 said:

    What's a lily white girl? Sounds racist

    Well played.

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