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  1. @RussTCB lol what a small world. Your name looks familiar so we could very well be. I havent been on my podcasts social media pages in 2 months though.
  2. Jjst saw this thread.. Arcade 1 up had a black friday sale on their Burger Time machine. Bought it for $379 with free shipping. Pain in the ass to put together but totally worth it.
  3. Hey all Haven't posted in this forum in a while but always linger to see whats new. (With this band thats not usually alot). I started a video game podcast back in July 2019 ( "WTFamicom") and posted on here when I came out with my first episode all about GNR in video games. Like many others in, life has really fucked me in 2020 and I put my gaming podcast on a hiatus. During my time away I've been trying to get a feel of what works with it, what doesn't work, etc. Comments from every angle basically. If anyone has the time, it would mean the world to me if you could check out an episode
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