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  1. 7 minutes ago, allwaystired said: You're right. All those countries, governments and health organisations are overreacting. No worries guys! In other news- the German health minister has just stated that all events over 1000 capacity should be cancelled. No idea if this will come to fruition though of course.
  2. Mortality rate in italy is about 3%. I couldn’t find details on the people in my 2 minute google search but I assume most of those deaths are in the same demographic that the flu is fatal to. I’m struggling to see a statistical difference from the flu that the world deals with every year.
  3. Do a little research on those deaths. Did you go to sporting events or concerts during flu season last year?
  4. What does politics have to do with this? The mortality rate will be about 1%. The majority of the deaths have been elderly or people with preexisting conditions... Just like the flu. Over 10k people in the US die from the flu each year. Strange they don’t cancel every event during flu season every year.
  5. This seems like the most over blown, media driven hysteria of our lifetime. The mortality rate is the same as the standard flue. CNN etc keep pushing the narrative but the facts don’t support their ridiculous fear mongering. I never bought the “mass media is biased” narrative until now. CNN’s treatment of the coronavirus is borderline scandalous. Updating every day with a blaring headline about a disease that is completely harmless to healthy people under 70 simply because fear leads to clicks is outrageous.
  6. Think she covered some skid row hits too. Not sure if it was remember you or youth gone wild
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