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  1. Should have threw Wichita lineman and the seeker on there instead of don’t cry and crazy. Strange picks for the live songs. Even a live version of Madagascar would have been interesting
  2. This is a great thread. Does anyone know if they did lithos for older tours? Specifically Vegas 01-01-01, NYC 2002 or the Hammerstein shows? I have a flyer I bought on eBay for the Vegas show that I got in 2001.. no idea if it’s official or not. I would love an official litho from those since I was in attendance.
  3. That book is incredible. It would be by far the best thing GNR released since 2008. I was always impressed with the lithos. Thought they were always thoughtful and well done. I like how you put some images that inspired the actual litho. Amazing job.
  4. I was there. Baz joined them for my michelle which was awesome… great show. I don’t remember exactly but think Izzy joined them tge next night and kid rock but do g think they played twat
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