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  1. I think, I look forward to bands releasing albums, but I never expect. I've enjoyed other albums by other bands this year and I've enjoyed listening to some old GN'R music, occasionally. In my opinion, I think it would be more sensible for GN'R to release new material when they are able to tour, in the same way Abba haven't released their new songs. I think where there is a long gap between albums, it does make more sense.
  2. I agree, Dreamer sounds better than Burn, but they still seem to have lost their way a little. The melodies in some of their earlier material was amazing.
  3. I just listened to Vs, then Vitalogy by Pearl Jam, that is just playing now, by Pearl Jam. Good albums.
  4. We saw him not too long ago, and he still enterrtains. I just say if he's enjoying it, and the crowds enjoying it, then just carry on.
  5. I have listened to the three albums by a band called Highly Suspect, I liked the first two, but the 2019 album wasn't very good.
  6. Friday 13th on the ZX Spectrum years ago was great. I think I was the only one in my circle of friends who liked it. I've never played it again on another console system.
  7. I used to like the Terminator 2 pinball machine years ago. I'm not a pinball expert, and I don't know where that stands in terms of pinball history. I just thought I'd mention it
  8. And this is what I mean. I've not read the book, but you guys react in a manner which inherently protects the band. The words that come out may be inherently tangential, but there is a nurturing and protective nature to most people here, and I think that is lost in translation sometimes. The band want to promote family, and yet there are forums that have been around for 20 years and I think they have lost sight of this. They've been glamoured by the newness of social media and a fake fans that come with it.
  9. Again, Fernando merely represents the band/Axl. He does not really run things or make decisions, it is a glorified PA job. The constant barrage of abuse towards Fernando is not going to help anything or anyone, and is pointless. It's like shouting at a pigeon because you've slipped on a banana skin. At the same time, I will say he is naive, and it is a shame, because he is conversing on Discord and Reddit, and that is where all the evil is, and where the leaks happened. I know, because I watched it all. He reads words here, gets offended, then goes to the places where everything lea
  10. Kudos for mentioning Final Fantasy VII, a great game
  11. Shish kebabs, they're huge. I was hoping to fit one of them in my tv case. I'll get the PS5 first, and whatever Switch comes out. I tend to get the X Boxes later. As I said before though, an end of life PS4 is still not a bad investment when these come out.
  12. I'm glad Death's in it It's one of these films, it feels and looks very wrong, but it's Bill and Ted, it's got to be done. The promo was better than I thought it was going to be.
  13. Surely you can put forward your point without the profanities Not nice to read
  14. It's a shame for the girl who sung the theme song that the film got delayed. What an odd situation
  15. Last two movies I watched were Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, again. Skyfall is not so good second time around
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