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  1. Really doubt they'd drinking on tour. And I mean this, Duff/Slash can't drink anymore I doubt they'd have any alcohol around
  2. June 2022 set just started: It's So Easy
  3. Just got back. The guy who caught or almost caught the mic hit his head pretty hard on the floor. Rescue came in and Axl was looking to at the commotion
  4. In a recent IG post you see Axl walking on stage and waving hi to Slash. I guarantee that was the first time Ax saw Slash since the previous show
  5. No, mostly the national team as well + anything CR7 related. Its really hard to get the Portuguese league games in the US compared to La Liga or Premiere
  6. My dad's portuguese! I follow the national team with passion, do they play in this stadium at all?
  7. as being previously "sued" for copyright infringement before, i'm really wondering, what is GNR asking the judge? “There really is no monetary relief that can be obtained in this case,” Feinswog, who also represented the rock stars in the Newark court, told a judge during a video hearing on Tuesday
  8. Commercial flights? Really, I can't picture Axl sitting at the airport for an hour waiting for his plane to take off,
  9. From betas most recent post looks like their on a bus actually
  10. Imagine working an overnight shift at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and Axl Rose walks in
  11. Wait, Axl didnt want to do UYI tour? Or maybe he didnt want to do the Dust N Bones leg of the tour?
  12. Radio is still the number one source to find new artists, this is by a study (no i do t have the link smartasses) radio isnt dead
  13. You'd think TB would have found a better singer lol
  14. Makes sense. Is it possible to switch to a hosting provider with unlimited bandwidth?
  15. Can we please agree that anything GNR is now regarded as OLD. CD (their latests release) is 13 years old, that's a dude in eight grade about to go to high school with hair on their legs.
  16. As of three months ago Fernando said "still looking..." don't hold your breath
  17. I think this is key, I think Slash has videos and he knew Lori was in this one and posted it as a tribute. Then GNR camp was like "ohh shit, I want all those views for our YT channel". But I'm sureeee TB had NOTHING to do with this video being posted. And yes, Slash has got to have some PRO-Shot stuff, its his career after all
  19. I think theses videos were never meant to be released, they probably keep them for their records or in case anything happens. The audio we get is just "all levels up", I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have a multitrack version where they can really do a proper mix.
  20. This, my friend, has got to be the joke of 2021 on this board. LOL amazing
  21. They just started... found a link periscope 1. Its So Easy
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