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  1. On 12/27/2016 at 3:41 PM, Gracii Guns said:

    What do we all think to this idea? Flights from Edinburgh to New York for under £60.

    I'm quite excited, because I've always wanted to visit the USA, but haven't really been able to afford it, or feel that the experience will be good enough to justify the massive expense of just getting there and back.

    Heard a lot of good things about Norweigian Air. Never flown them but TPG seems to likethem.  

  2. For work, Germany a few times, Budapest, China.  Probably throw Palo Alto / LA in there too.


    For personal trips, gotta figure out where to go for our honeymoon... thinking of Paris, Rome, Athens right now over ~2 weeks.   Want to do a trip to Banff / Lake Louise  but not sure if we will get to that this year.

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  3. 01:19 < inthisriver> dj ashba is dave navarro 2.0

    01:20 < inthisriver> post that for me

    Seriously though, cool he's going out to fans but this is one lame way to do it :<

  4. this is the worst fucking software ever, I have to manually edit the source code to be able to use this garbage


    Because when they wrote it they used gcc from like the 1800s. It's broken as shit, they don't even #include <string.h> anywhere and they call shit like memcpy which needs that header file GOD DAMMIT I HATE BAD CODE

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