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  1. This festival has now been cancelled. No word on the line up for 2022, guess we will have an idea soon.
  2. Biffy Clyro who were due to play the same venue the night after Guns have just moved to September and a bigger venue. (probably for social distance reasons) Does this mean: Guns are going to still do the June date and this gives them a safer time to strip the place after or are Guns gonna move to September or just postpone to 2022?
  3. I have one. Signed by, Dizzy, Frank, Richard, Pitman, Bumblefoot, DJ. Tommy wouldn't sign it because he signed my Chinese.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKF6OuqDXso/?igshid=pkx896t8kxoy Matt sharing a picture from Wembley stadium with Axl.
  5. Move to which ever topic area is required please. This just went on preorder.... £150 Wsy more value than Locked.... Which I also bought immediately. https://mansun.tmstor.es/
  6. Jovi clearly doing his best vince neil and only have singing words etc
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