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  1. Hey. I just read your post about an European tour this year. Have you heard any rumorrs about a concert in Denmark in 2012? :)

  2. Ja her på siden snakkes der konstant om GN'R reunion, men for mig ville en Gasolin gendannelse være (næsten) lige så stort ;)

    Bedste rock band Danmark har opfostret.

  3. Who is in your avatar? She's hot.

  4. Hey Alex, what's up? :) Just came across some messages from you from 2007, it's been a long time. I can see it is years since you've been online, but in case you see this, I just wanted to say hi :)


  5. "Værsgo" er en af de bedste plader nogensinde!

    God stil! ;)

  6. Great to see you here, DJ! I'll give you a beer if you play Estranged when you bring the guys to Denmark!

    C ya!!


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