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  1. "We will be launching our website with-in a few weeks, but as all of you know, water is very heavy and shipping water is not cheap due to the weight." - I do not see the connection between the two things mentioned in that sentence. 


    "ASHBA Water and our iconic designed bottle is perfect for everyday hydration, whether you're relaxing by the pool or on the go."


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  2. I was lucky enough to see Leonard Cohen on his last tour in 2013. He played a marathon concert in the breathtaking Orpheum Theatre in Memphis. By my side was the girl I had just started dating at the time. We have lived happily together since then.

    Ohh the feels that hit me when I heard it this morning........

    A great artist.

    RIP Mr. Cohen

  3. Not really a rumor, but I didn't know where else to post it. Hope it's ok.

    Danish festival NorthSide posted this teaser on their facebook page.


    Names will be announced this wednesday. Could very well be GN'R... And don't get fooled about the spot being underneath Beach House and Beck. The names are listed in alphabetical order - which also fits perfectly with GN'R.

  4. This was posted on fb by https://www.facebook.com/izabelapromotions

    "#tour" and "worldtour" are two rather interestng hashtags in this context. :D


    Sending #frankferrer off to #tour with #gunsnroses

    #gunsandroses with the #bang...#winstonroye #nyc

    #brooklyn #worldtour #music #nycnightlife



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