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  1. 13 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

    I keep wanting to get that Teskey Brothers album. One of the co hosts on my podcast was praising it recently, so I need to order it. 

    It's really refreshing knowing there are new bands out there still capable of embodying that old blues sentiment and somehow mix it with modern day elements and production, resulting in one badass combination. Do get it when you can :thumbsup:

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  2. Sweet! Only now did I find out about this thread. So, here are my latest additions:


    Plus, I finally pulled the trigger on AFD Super Deluxe and got it in the mail today.

    I'm also waiting for John Denver - Poems, Prayers & Promises.

  3. Video

    - UYI Documentary

    - Rock In Rio '91 (both nights - remastered)

    - Ritz '91

    - Pantages '91

    - Inglewood '91

    - Wembley '91

    - East Rutherford '92

    - Turin, Italy '92

    - Argentina '92 (remastered)

    - Milton Keynes '93

    - Nijmegen '93

    - Hartford '93

    - Making F@cking Videos (I, II, III - remastered)

    - All UYI videoclips in 4K



    - UYI I (RE)

    - UYI II (RE)

    - Live Era '91-'93

    - UYI I Demos

    - UYI II Demos

    - Stockholm 17/08/91

    - Mexico '92

    - Slane '92

    - Prague '92

    - Munich '93



    Other Stuff

    - UYI Release date poster

    - 2 concert posters

    - 3 ticket stubs

    - Charlie Don't Surf t-shirt

    - Les Paul Goldtop mini replica guitar



    I believe this would cover many bases.



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  4. I want new music as much as the next guy but to believe that Guns need an album or a couple new songs in their setlist to keep touring at the highest level (stadiums/large fields) is just delusional, in my opinion.

    There will be a day when they can't fill more than 10.000/15.000 seats and that's only because their target has already had enough of the guys. If the majority of people at their shows barely knows the lyrics besides SCOM/WTTJ/DC/NR/Patience/PC's chorus, how can you expect them to think of a new Guns album as the second coming of Jesus?

    They're a legacy act, way past their prime but somehow due to their behaviour and mistery surrounding every move (or lack of), were able to keep a certain appeal, much more since Slash returned.

    What we have now is a GREAT live band, capable of putting together a solid show, enough for you to go home, thinking how great of an evening that was. 

    Duff has a side project, so does Slash. GNR is like a daytime job that funds their personal projects/dreams/ambitions. I'm sure they all get a kick when they got 60k people screaming to the opening chords of Jungle but that's it - instant reward with little to zero hassle.

    Why change the formula?


  5. I also went to the Prague show in 2017. Can't say I had issues with transportation from the house we we're staying at to Letnany airport, everything was smooth really. You have a subway just outside the venue that will take you to pretty much everywhere in Prague. Sure you'll face some queues but nothing scandalous. Must have took us around 45  minutes to get home and we we're staying right beside Charles bridge. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Legendador said:


    The cross is not blacked, it is just an illusion (no pun intended), with time tattoos tend to lose their tones and colors and many colors start to blend, it's not blacked, it is just a 33 old tattoo.

    Those were my thoughts too as I remember that nonsense rumour back in the day. Was just trying to understand if it was still something being passed on as truth.

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  7. Personally I've never left an event earlier, whether it's a concert, football match, etc. 

    I think of it as a mix between having a good time and respect for those you are watching (god knows how hard that is in football sometimes). However, who am I to tell someone else that 150$ is an expensive price to see one or two songs live? It's all about the personal experience and how much you're willing to pay for it. For most of us the experience ends at Paradise City, for others after SCOM.

    It's all good - we're happy, they're happy and the legacy of GN'R lives on.

  8. Love it! 

    On a side note, almost cost me an argument with my gf as she was using my laptop and I rushed to it to immediately download the thing off YT. She reasonably thought I was desperately trying to delete some homemade video of me that someone had just uploaded. After I explained the whole thing she was still legitimately confused but we managed to enjoy the song together, thankfully.

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  9. 10 minutes ago, TMAC20 said:

    It’s not that big a thing that Slash wrote some lyrics - 

    He wrote for Snakepit- Smkc — he never wants credit for it - listen to Snakepit - 50 percent of those lyrics are wrote about Axl 


    Slash Had Coma And Locomotive mostly  done when he brought it to Axl 

    If u listen to Coma - half the song is about Slash being in a drug induced Coma and speaking about it - The breakdown is all Slash lyrics 

    Axl response is maybe we will be better off without u anyway 

    Axl was never in a coma but Slash was 

    love this topic 

    I bought me an illusion and I put it on a wall

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