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  1. Soon is not the word - Axl Rose, 2002 And damn was he spot on, eternally.
  2. Rest in peace Timo and thank you. Back in the day when you still made money from albums, Timo did well with one co-writing credit on an album that sold 20 million copies - bought an apartment with it in London
  3. Ok - then I was fooled. I am sorry! Did not mean to stir shit at all, not my cup of tea.
  4. I feel that it is. The guy has Quick Song, Hard School and State of Grace up, so seems odd that one would be a miss. Also I of course have not heard the Zodiac instrumental, so I dont know if the song matches or not. My full version is 5:31 lenght but time will tell I guess. If the song does not match then this of course might be a fake, but sounds like Axl to me - shaky sounding rough vocals as in many other of these things
  5. Hello. Back at the work laptop. It says Zodiac and it certainly has lyrics to it. The quality aint the best. Starts with If you come with me We could make it real Sound familiar? Song length is 5:31. As for No Love Remains, I guess I was hoaxed. It was in the same pile as all the others that I got. Says No Love Remains. But it is this same that was marked hoax on YouTube so most likely is one, althou people on YouTube say that it is Robin on vocals and it does sound like him, but as it was in the same pool I was fooled on this one. But let me know if Zodiac rings a bell - that one is certainly Axl on vocals
  6. I listened to them while working - cant really remember lyrics from any of em or could not tell every song from another with that experience. I aint a native English speaker either.
  7. Yeah I will - I am totally out of the loop. Today first time checked the list of the 2019 - WOW there is a ton of stuff, I only have a handful compred to that. Did the General ever leak entirely? I remember that Brain talked about that and a song called Seven
  8. Yes I more or less agree - dont know shit about the leaks before this week
  9. @PeleCool stuff, you are second best Pelé I know. Also now found Oklahoma and Thyme instrumentals. Imagine that
  10. You are a sad little man. Look how hard is It to understand; - I told you right from the get-go that the titles might totally be off; you all have had these for a ton longer and you are most likely correct about songs being labeled wrong - I would understand these comments if I would have registered here today, been a member since 2003 and hey read my history, I have not trolled or placed false rumours - Great that you take in lyrics like a sponge, I dont. If there would have been some Madagascar quality here then Yes, but these are pretty forgettable, especially what I have labeled as Zodiac, Nothing and Eye on You And I quite like Atlas - the intro aint super complex etc but nice little start
  11. Nah not mixing up, but the titles might be off of course Ya rookies dont know a thang, we used to dig all peer to peer networks etc and find nothing, you have a ton or new songs fall in your lap
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