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    Play saxophone. Listen to music. Music is my life!!<br />Don't have a clue what I'm going to be in the future, but I guess I will figure something out. <br /><br />I love Guns N' Roses! But I was borned in 1990, so I wasn't very big when they started up, and had there best days.<br />Axl Rose is a person I admire. Don't really know why. There's just something with his voice that make him unicue, and his personality is kinda weird, but he is something special. <br />I am one of many who thinks Axl Rose was really hot when he was young. <br /><br />Have only been to one GNR consert. In Oslo June 28. 2006. It was AWESOME! Yeah yeah, I know it's not the good old GNR, but Axl made it all fantastic. And it is something I will never forget. <br />Just waiting for the day to come when I can se Axl live again. Same shit how, but if it's Axl, I'll go!

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