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  1. This is one of those things that you think are going to be good. Then it turns out its just a load of bollocks and you wish you hadn't said anything.
  2. The new better intro is awesome. No one should be dissing that
  3. Yeah I was going to post this as well. Was an epic gig
  4. Live Era is amazing! Was the soundtrack to my teenage years. Used to love rocking out to that album. Turned me into the rocker i am today 😂
  5. Full Moon Fever was my first album. If you like that then Wildflowers. Definitely the first album Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.
  6. You should check him out. He has done some amazing albums.
  7. He is also a massive fan of Tom Petty. Seem to remember reading an interview with Petty and he couldn't believe Axl knew the words to Free Falling.
  8. What would dizzy do then? Make the tea during WTTJ? I happen to like the 3 guitar sound and I enjoyed Stinson on bass. Duff is a guitarist. I can't see the problem, it might upset a few mullets that Duff is on guitar and not bass. But it wouldn't be the first time a member of a band switched instruments. People like to whinge theres no izzy. I like to whinge theres no stinson and a thinner 2 guitar sound.
  9. I still think duff should be the 3rd guitar player on rhythm n have stinson on bass. I felt bad for him when we found out the line up of the band. Edit: Though it was obvious he was out after Duff covered for him.
  10. I would have said Dizzy. Its a damn good track! I only listened to it after reading this. I only really blasted through the instrumentals when it all happened
  11. I can't cope with being squashed and shoved around while im trying to enjoy live music. So would be nice to go to a gig and not be stuck at the back. But as we all know it's not happening. At least not in this lifetime
  12. I would be amazed of Slash doesn't write a few new riffs. But this is GNR so I'm only expecting reworked tracks. Though I would like to be surprised by all new material worked on by the band with Hard school and State of Grace thrown in.
  13. I live in the UK. Pre-ordered to get the single, arrived a day late. Hardly a feather ruffled on release day here. Though rolling stone or some other music mag. did do an article on how they were wrong not to have it as their album of the year, as they gave the title to Black Ice. They pointed out that Metallica, AC/DC and GN'R released albums that year and CD was the only album that actually sounded different. Its a shame no other big artist is likely to release an album as experimental and diverse as late in their career as Axl did. Clearly a lack of promotion and Axl being
  14. The one in a million tshirts are awesome, will definitely be ordering one this week.
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