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  1. Queen have always been immensely popular and legendary in the UK. Like properly worshipped. Considered the greatest band of all time. I prefer gnr but totally understand why queen won.
  2. For me personally, you can't condense the UYI albums. They show a band at the height if their prime and popularity writing amazing songs. AFD is the album if you want a hard rock blast out. CD if you want to hear a band experimenting and like music that makes you think about what you are listening to.
  3. Just came here to post this exact link. Seems Axl gets on well with the guys at boomerang
  4. New Album then UYI Boxset. When the pandemic calms down and touring starts again, a tour in support of the new album. A live dvd from 06/10 would be epic but I can't see it happening at this point.
  5. Considering the direction Axl wanted to go musically I can see why he didn't want Gilby in the band. Probably didn't want another guitarist who wanted to do traditional rock music. That and he was keen on Gilby personally, if I remember correctly.
  6. Maybe it was decided they didn't need someone to play the towel. But it was shady to get rid of 2 of the longest serving members and not say a word.
  7. If it does happen, then its going to be big. I really like the Spiderman films except for Spiderman 3. After the success of the animated one its a possibility.
  8. Awesome to finally get new SOAD. Really like the songs as well!
  9. I just simply ignored that one. I had drug addiction problems in my youth. Shaving isnt exactly hard to do when you're wrecked. Just wouldn't recommended it on hallucinogenics 😂
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