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  1. Thats in my basement, with the lego. This is my arcade.
  2. Here's a tour of my room guys. https://youtu.be/9_bSfL7iyrk
  3. That's kinda what I'm saying. Let's go down memory lane, lol... I remember buying Oh My God the day it dropped, and being SO HAPPY, because it was the first Guns n' Roses song since Sympathy for the Devil in early 94. Having said that (while I enjoy OMG for what it is), if I'm honest it's NOT what I wanted from guns n roses, I wanted Axl and Slash, rocking out. Having said that, I STILL called my local radio station and requested OMG for days. Around the same time, I downloaded Ain't going down for the first time (back in the early days of downloading, in an old man now, lol). Anyways, Ain't going down WAS exactly what I wanted from a guns song, I SO wished it got proper lyrics and finished. Long story short, Hard Skool reminds me of Ain't going down, but better honestly (ain't going down was not a finished song). So, for me, hard Skool is the first REAL sounding guns song since ain't going down (which was only on a pinball machine).
  4. One thing to keep in mind, is how much the music scene has changed since the 90's. When we talk about bands like Guns, their "B" songs would be "hits" in today's climate. That's why bands like Greta Van Fleet even exist, the competition for "old Skool" rock and roll isn't NEARLY as competitive as it was in 90's, let alone before then. Had Greta been a 70's band, they probably wouldn't even get signed. So a song that really rocks, getting released today is a pretty big deal (regardless of the band) imo. Which I'm sorry but an Illusion "B side" (which is where I would rank Hard Skool), is GREAT in 2021. I'm digging it.
  5. Let me start by saying that criticism of the band can be helpful, and HAS been warranted at many times during the bands history. Having said that, the "endless complaints" that some people have are interesting to me, as a long time fan. Sure, when compared to how (Metallica) for example do things, then yes criticism will most likely be warranted in some minds. But let's look at Guns "eras" 1. OG line up (not counting pre appetite eras) 2. Illusions era 3. NUgnr era 1 4. NUgnr era 2 5 Reunion era Besides the OG and Illusions era, the Reunion era HAS to be the third best era for the fandom. I don't know how ANYONE could argue either NUgnr era was better (I'm not talking about music, but just how the band operated). EVERYTHING Guns n' Roses related has been on the upswing since Slash and Duff came back. I guess it's hard for me to complain when things have been MUCH worse. But I also don't come here every day anymore and analyze the bands movements either.
  6. No, I've heard Hard Skool before as well. But I heard it once, and just put it out of mind. As I did with Going Down. Honestly, that was around the time my "opinions" on leaks changed. I "liked" going down, it was a good song. But it wasn't guns n roses to me, it was something else. If Axl sang the whole song, I would have liked it better, but given the state of the band at that time... Leaks just didn't appeal to me anymore. Why get excited about unreleased music by a band with one original member, that's imploding for the 2nd time (Tommy was leaving, BBF left, Ashba was Ashba, etc). Guns n roses were dying to me at that point. So ANY unreleased music from that era, recorded by those musicians, just didn't excite me anymore. So when Hard Skool and others leaked, I listened to them once or twice. Then thought about what Axl said about "the world doesn't revolve around guns n roses music" or something to that effect (I'm paraphrasing). Which he was right, so like many, I just stopped caring. The reunion was great, that gave me hope. But I didn't feel a band (even as great as guns), can REALLY make a big impact on the music scene anymore. They can release new music (or not), tour, live their life, etc. But to expect some sort of "ground breaking" music from a band who's members are at this age, just isn't realistic. Name me ANY band/musician that REALLY did something special by this point in their careers? You can't. So why should I expect anything different from guns? As for new music, I had faith we would hear some stuff. I think that might have been part of the reason why NUgnr imploded like it did, Axl didn't have faith in those musicians to release an album with. At least that's how I see it. So again, it made sense for the reunion. But after sitting through the CD drama, the band seems pretty drama free at this point. Which is a good thing. Plus I'm sure Covid effected plans (as it did with everyone). So I had hope new music would start coming out, and it has. Which if I had played myself out on the Hard Skool leak, it would be like the CD release all over again for me. So I'm glad I didn't listen to it a bunch.
  7. Production sound aside, could anyone seriously argue that Hard Skool couldn't of easily been on the Illusions? I love every song on those albums (except for My World). To me, it sounds like classic gnr. Perhaps not Appetite/lies era gnr, but still old Skool gnr (sorry for my pun).
  8. I like the song, more than I thought I would. But my expectations were on low end after Absurd, and Hard Skool impressed me. Perhaps some of you should reevaluate your expectations perhaps? Guns are NEVER going to top Appetite, Jungle, PC, SCOM, NR, etc. It's just NOT going to happen, I've excepted that. But can they give us more music along the lines of Dont't Damn me, Garden or Eden, Right Next door to hell, Thinking bout you, etc? Before yesterday, I would have said no. But they did, I would ABSOLUTELY put Hard Skool next to the songs I just mentioned. So in my book, it's a big win. I hear ya. I avoid buying CD's at this point. Why even bother? If I want a physical item, vinyl for me as well. On top of that, I'll download it.
  9. Honestly, of you don't like the chorus of Hard Skool, I'm not sure if you really are a Guns n' Roses fan. It's up there with Anything Goes, Thinking Bout You, etc. Catchy but for all the right reasons. No, it's not top tier, (jungle, PC, etc). But it's good old gnr. It reminds me of Ain't going down (Hard Skool overall) is anyone else getting those vibes. Which in 1995-2008, I would have LOVED for a proper release of Ain't going down. Anyone else see similarities?
  10. Man, of course you are right, Oh My God IS an old song, I'm not sure what it has to do with Hard Skool though ,🤔 I kid of course, just messing with you. I disagree with your opinion, but it IS your opinion. 👍
  11. Oh, well then. I'm not going to agonize over unfinished songs that don't have Slash and Duff playing on them. If CD had been released as an Axl solo album, I doubt most here would be going crazy over those leaks anyways. If they are good, I feel they will get released. We've had two new songs recently here, something IS happening for once. Hey man, I bought Oh My God the DAY it was released, as I have with ALL guns releases since 1994 or so. I've been a fan since 92, I don't need any guns n roses advice, I've seen it all, lol. thanks though.
  12. I'm saying it now, new album drops this November. If you look at Axl's release history, it all lines up. CD was the first single from CD (kinda strange, new sound). They followed that with Better (which was one of the most classic sounding songs on the album, it's also more of a rocker). Then they released SOD around the time of the albums release. Even the Illusions had a similar type of release. I would go so far as to say Absurd is like CD, Hard Skool is like Better, and we will get the ballad around the time of the albums release (my guess is November).
  13. After CD actually released, I didn't spend much time agonizing over leaks. Sure, I would listen to them a time or two, but didn't care to put them on my phone or anything like that. Why? Because it was the CD era band playing on them. So I knew the final versions would be different (and they are). If I could do it all over again, I might not even have listened to them. It's like watching a movie without the special effects, or even worse, the star got recast. Sure, you will get the plot, characters, etc. But you run the risk of burning yourself out on the songs, before you hear the proper versions. I did that with CD. I was pretty much burnt out on CD, Better, SOD, tWAT, Shackler's, etc before I even heard the dang album. I don't really care to do that again. Just my opinion.
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