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  1. @RussTCB, I've been watching the Atgames pinball as well, and I agree that it looks like the better deal. I'm going to wait until I have all the information before I decide, but right now Arcade 1up is what I'll probably get. The biggest factor for me is space, my room isn't huge, and I have to maximize every square inch. So while the ATgames table looks better specs wise, me finding room for it is an issue. I feel more confident that I can squeeze the smaller Arcade1up table in somewhere. My 2nd issue is artwork. While it might not mean much to some, the ATgames table looks u
  2. Is from that Target Use Your Illusions that was a mix of one and two? I never considered buying that nor I have ever listened to it. This 98 remix is news to me. I have the Days of Thunder soundtrack and CAN here a difference between that version and the studio version. I believe they are different studio takes all together.
  3. I like the Struts, one of my favorite "new" bands. My other favorite newer band is Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown.
  4. I think many of you underestimate HOW popular gnr truly is, especially with casual fans. Just recently I have read two articles that establish this point. In this article, it discussed the most streamed songs by rock/metal acts on spotify. Guns n Roses streaming numbers are HUGE. What makes this even more important, this is YOUNGER people listening on spotify. https://loudwire.com/most-streamed-spotify-songs-rock-metal/ This next article is impressive because ALL of guns studio albums are listed. Not only that, but again some HUGE album sales numbers. Especially when you compa
  5. I have my records and player in this room as well, you just can't see them well in the pics here. My collection is no where near yours. I probably have 200 or so records. I enjoy collecting them, for sure. I'm a bit of a multi collector kinda person, meaning I collect a TON of different things, but maybe not a TON of one or two things. As for Arcade1up, I'm watching what they are doing with pinball. That's what I want next, a sweet virtual pinball machine.
  6. I've always found ADKOT to be an interesting album in the VH catalogue. Eddie is REALLY on, which is always great to hear. Having said that, I don't hear the creativity in Eddie or the band that is on every other album. VH 3 has creativity to the moon and back (too much, hurt the album). I have always felt and believed that VH 3 was Eddie's swan song creatively. After that album bombed, Eddie got sick, and that was TRULY the end of VH. ADKOT is a reunion album, where it just FEELS like Eddie is just happy to be along for the ride, not driving the band. At least NO WHERE near how he drove
  7. Spanish Fly IS more impressive than eruption imo
  8. No, I've heard it often enough (by people). I have a hard time placing VH2. Beautiful Girls and Light up the sky are my JAMS. Those 2 songs ALWAYS end up on my VH playlists. You're no good (even though it's a good cover), kinda starts the album out with a bit of a let down for me. It's also not one of VH's strongest covers. The rest of the album is killer though. I STILL put it ahead of 5150, and I really LOVE that album. As for Dave albums though, it's easily better than ADKOT and Diver Down. I'm not a HUGE Women and Children first fan, but Take Your Whiskey home, Could this be magic (w
  9. While I also enjoy the more mature lyrics of the Sammy era, I can't say he is the better lyricist. Dave has the ability to turn a phrase, the way he puts words together, that I think is criminally under rated. I 100% agree that some of the Sammy songs (right now, not enough, and a few others) are far more advanced (in content), than anything Dave would have ever wrote. Having said that, take Jump and I'll wait for example. Dave's use of perspective and phrasing is incredibly strong. While I'm not saying they are some profound lyrical insights, they are extremely unique. Basically, NOBODY write
  10. Here is a few pics from my game room. Not the cleanest (my 5 year old is out there all day long).
  11. @RussTCB, After listening to your podcast, I got the impression that you prefer the Sammy years over the Dave years. It seemed as though you were recommending 5150, OU812, FUCK, and Balance OVER most of the Dave era (maybe not VH1, but certainly the rest). For the sake of conversation, if that is true, would you care to elaborate. Also how would you rank the albums?
  12. I might of just stopped paying attention or something. I was junior in hs, so who knows where my mind was at the time. Even though I liked the album (and still do), I was jadded that they didn't bring Dave back after the best of vol 1.
  13. @RussTCB, I just listened to your VH episode and I found it rather entertaining. My biggest take away is that "Fire in the hole was my go get a beer song." 😀 I've always liked that song, better than Without You tbh. I didn't go see that tour because I didn't know they were going to play both Sammy and Dave songs. It was before the internet was, well the internet of today. So info was a lot more sparse. I was expecting the same sorta thing they did with Sammy, the ENTIRE VH3 album, plus Jump, Panama, Ain't talking bout love, and maybe Right now and Why can't this be love. That probab
  14. I bought the CD soundtrack just for that song back in the day.
  15. I LOVE Slash, so what I'm about to say isn't a slight at Slash. It's more praise of EVH, but Slash can NOT play VH, he just can't. That VR performance of Runaround was just plain dreadful (can you even find it on YouTube anymore?) I feel like it's been removed on purpose, because of how terrible it was. They did an ok job on ain't talking bout love. So the thought of gnr playing VH is NOT a good idea. EVH was on a different level than Slash, which isn't a knock on Slash cause EVH was on a different level than 99% of the people that ever picked up a guitar. Slash played Crazy train at som
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