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  1. Berbick is an interesting fighter. I like all those guys from that late 70s early 80s era. I own this book called "Facing Tyson" and it tells the stories of all these different guys leading up and after their bouts with Tyson. I believe the same guy also did one called "Facing Ali". Anyways, I can't remember all the guys in the book off the top of my head, but the Bone crusher Smith, Pinklon Thomas, Tony Tucker, Tyrell Biggs, Trevor Berbick, etc were all really good, solid heavyweights. That era (after Holmes and before Tyson) was similar to what happened after Lennox Lewis retired, the
  2. I HAVE seen this before. Honestly, people like to talk about the Tyson vs Lewis prefight brawl, but this one was worse. Holmes jumping off a car... That's epic.
  3. @DieselDaisy @Len CnutCnut, I could talk boxing with you guys all day long. Talking to you two is really the only reason I even post here anymore, lol. Not just about boxing, but I appreciate getting your perspectives from across the pond. anyways... How would you guys rate fighters like Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Ezzard Charles, Jersey Joe, etc. Outside of Joe Louis, which of those early guys do you like? for me, Jack Johnson has always been an interesting fighter. I would have loved to see him in the ring with other early greats like Dempsey or even Joe Lou
  4. I don't know if I ever told you this Len, but Chris Byrd used to live a couple of houses down from me. When I was 16 or so, I knocked on his door, met him and his wife, and got a signed picture. He was a good (not great) fighter. I didn't care for his style, but a good guy. I asked him about fighting Tyson, Holyfield, and Lewis he said "I want to fight them all, and I think I can beat them." He DID beat Holy for a belt a few of years later. He ended up moving to Vegas, and I think got with Don King a bit.
  5. Anybody care to hear my thoughts in regards to Holyfield? Dude was on roids for the Tyson fights. For one, he WAS named in a steroid clinic controversy. For two, look at his career, the dude was a cruiserweight and ended up being bigger than Mike. Tyson was naturally a heavyweight, Holyfield was not. My final piece of evidence is his first title run. He weighed less, looked smaller, etc during this run. He also had hair (which roids effects that). In the third Bowe fight, Holyfield was WASHED. I've never seen another fighter look so old, wore out, and just plain DONE as Holyfield lo
  6. Ya, me too. I'm 39 years old, and Mike Tyson in the late 80s was IDK??? Mythic. I remember where I was when I heard the news, I didn't watch the fight. His career was mostly just let down after let down after Douglas as well, which sucks. But there WAS a time, when Mike Tyson was like a real life super hero, an unbeatable beast that will knockout people in the first few seconds of the fight. All the other best fighters can't even get past 3 rounds with him. Just plain invincible. He WAS in real life, just like he was in the video game. One punch, and your down. Michael Jordan is the only
  7. It's one of those stories that make boxing (the heavyweight division especially) so compelling. When you really go back and look at all the legendary fights and legendary moments, it's really unlike any other sport. Heavyweight boxing during the ENTIRE 20th century is literally THE best sports story of all time imo. We could just go on and on about all the moments that were "seismic". Every fight fan should start there, just trace the lineage from Jack Johnson untill Lennox Lewis. Amazing stuff really.
  8. Yup. This is the interview I was talking about. At times I want to give the guy a hug and say "Buster you are the man, you have NOTHING to be ashamed of, before or AFTER Tokyo." I say that as HUGE Tyson fan obviously.
  9. Len, I agree about everything you said about Cus. He wasn't taking in just anyone, no way. They had to have something about them he liked. He wasn't a saint, no way. He had his own interests in mind as well. Having said that, he DID take guys in, give them room and board, food, a gym, pay for clothes and workout essentials, plus PAY someone to train them (Teddy Atlas in Tysons case). That's a pretty HUGE finacial commitments, if you think about it. Even when they turn pro, they make what $50 per fight at first. It's that gamble on these young fighters that just doesn't happen anymore. I unders
  10. Yes, he lost. But he didn't care about boxing at that point. He ONLY fought because the IRS was on him, he owed money. It was the easiest way to get them off his back. But Mike didn't care about boxing or training at that time. Honestly, the last time Mike probably took boxing/training seriously was before the 2nd Ruddock fight, at least when I watch his career, that's how I see it. Even those Ruddock fights are NOT the best of Tyson, but they DO show that Mike can win a fight when faced with serious adversity (despite what some of his critics say). Every fight after the Holyfield fights you c
  11. Disagree with me all you want (that's fine, and is kinda the point of these what ifs), but I honestly believe Tyson right NOW would win 6/10 against Wilder. I'm not saying it would be easy, or he'd just run him over (in his prime yes, Wilder doesn't get past round 3). For me it's all about the era, and this era is pretty weak. Sure it's better now than it was 10 years ago. But 10 years ago it was the weakest era of heavyweight boxing arguably EVER. So anything is an improvement. Fury is the only legit guy out there right now (meaning he would have been good in any era). AJ is Frank Bruno
  12. I don't "fetishize" Mike Tyson, and I resent you saying that. I just know what my eyes saw, and Mike Tyson in 1987/8 was as good or better than anyone that ever stepped in a ring. He's not the only one that I feel that way about though, Leonard after the Duran loss, was also as good as it gets. Ali around 65/66 was also just plain unbeatable. I have a pretty big fight library, I've watched all the best fighters (mostly heavyweight, but also light heavy, middle and Welter). I'm not saying all this to say "hey I know more than you," or anything of the sort. Im just saying I've really followed th
  13. I disagree about AJ, at THIS moment. Like I said, it could change in a year or two. He had 3 belts, but look at his path to those belts man, he only had two really good wins (Klitchko and Ruiz), and the Ruiz win came because he got caught in the first bout. Yes I know, you can only beat who's out there at any given time, but again he's only fought 1 of the top 4 (Klitchko, Fury, AJ, Wilder), and that win came after Fury ALREADY beat him. Ok, so he's beating up the rest of the top 10, so good for him. He's made a name for himself, which in boxing is HUGE. But he NEEDS to beat Fury if he wants t
  14. Do I like Floyd? No, I DESPISE his style as well. I also don't like how "careful" he was about selecting opponents. Having said that, I respect his in ring accomplishments. At Welterweight (I don't follow or care about lower than Welter), he HAS to be considered top 5 all time. I think a couple of guys would have taught him a thing or two in the ring (Leonard and Hearns), but his resume is great.
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