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  1. I never said it was a fact. But The Mandalorian IS the first Star Wars movie/show to be released that she didn't have any say in creativily. Add with the steady decline in interest that the sequels had (which she DID have creative control over, as well as the spinoff films). One of two things happened. One, she got smart and decided that another creative force was needed. Or two, her boss told her that another creative force was needed. Pick the one that makes you happy.
  2. I doubt a total retcon would happen. I could see a different take though. Maybe Luke has been hiding Baby Grogu all along, even from Rey. Something like that. Giving Luke more of a purpose.
  3. Ok guys, This topic has gone way OFF the rails. This is one of the reasons why I stopped watching Star Wars to begin with, everything has gotten to divisive. I have Wandavision to watch. That franchise (while not perfect), at least has a more united fan base. So the rumors, when being discussed, doesnt cause such... Anger. Good day, and I'm happy Star Wars is at least on the upswing. I just hope they can keep it up.
  4. Well if Disney themselves states it, then it's not really rumors anymore is it? I'm just saying that it doesn't matter who tells you anything, if you didn't personally witness it, it called hearsay in court. Which means your thoughts don't matter, essentially. The one thing they all say is "this is a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt." I believe I've heard Mike Zerho say that as well.
  5. But there are plenty of MCU channels stating similar rumors, that's my point. Just because you don't like a rumor, doesn't mean it isn't at least being discussed (Star Wars specifically). That's all I'm saying. Are the rumors true? Time will tell.
  6. By that logic, it's all hearsay unless you personally witnessed it. If you don't personally witness something how do you know it's true? Wouldn't stand up in the court of law.
  7. Here is an example... Does anyone here believe that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are NOT in the new Spiderman film. It has not been confirmed by ANYONE at this point, actually it's been stated by Tom Holland that they are NOT in the film. So obviously Variety has NOT yet reported that they are in the film. Yet we DO know that Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx are in the film, both from the different "eras." We also know that the MCU is going into multiverse territory, etc. So who do you believe? The rumors or what's being reported?
  8. I don't dispute that, it's pretty much truth if Variety is reporting it. But Variety doesn't report on all rumors, even ones that were true. Not until after the fact, that is. I could tell you all the 2016 Ghostbusters rumors that I heard, of which 90% or more were true. Variety didn't report most of them either, and the things they did report, were after the film had been released and "bombed." I know a few other things about some MCU related info and what not as well. But my overall point still stands. So while Variety is a reliable source, they choose not to report on certain rumors t
  9. I said it was "on the table" I didn't say it's happening. I also DO believe that there IS dissention between Kennedy and the others. I can choose to believe it, just like you can choose not to. See how that works? Before someone says "well I only believe official sources." Well official sources only report rumors after they come true. Not before, not "official" sources anyways. I can name a few films recently that had all sorts of "behind the scenes rumors" during production, yet were NEVER reported. But after it was all said and done... Come to find out most of the rumors we
  10. Wow... Let the butt hurt flow my friend. "I LOVE TLJ, so I MUST teardown everything else to prove my point." You must be a lot of fun at a party.
  11. No, I was coming from more of a hopeful perspective. It's all rumors chief...
  12. That all could be true. I did watch some of his stuff, back when the force Awakins was coming out. Then again for a while around the time before TLJ was released. But for the last few years I didn't care about Star Wars, let alone Star Wars youtubers. Having said all of that, even you HAVE to admit that all has NOT been hunky dory at Disney in regards to SW.
  13. You are FAR to emotionally invested in this topic my friend. We are not discussing politics or religion here, it's just Star Wars. If you think I'm full of bs, well that's fine. I'm not here to "win you over to my side." I've just heard some things, and am sharing what I've heard. That doesn't make it true or a fact.
  14. No, but the proof is in the pudding. Jon, Dave and George Lucas have been the creative force behind the Star Wars revival. Yes Kennedy is still an executive producer, but that's a title that is given away ALL the time in films. Some producers are VERY hands on, some do nothing except write a check. It's a very broad term. During the ENTIRE sequel trilogy she was completely hands on, in EVERY aspect. Now she has had literally NOTHING to do with the success of The Mandalorian. Anyone with two eyes can see that there are two different Star Wars camps at the moment. You have Kennedy on one s
  15. All of the rumors get reported on youtube as well as other publications, which can be googled fairly easy. Obviously they are just rumors, so I'm not saying "this will happen" or "this won't happen." But where there is smoke, there is usually at least an ember. As far as youtube Star Wars channels go, I agree and disagree with the everyone here. Yes, they DO have click bait headlines just to get that revenue ad money. But that's EVERYONE on youtube, if you don't have a title that makes people want to click on it, your not doing it right, which I'm a YouTuber, so I know how it works
  16. I would further add that the Disney parks are also being revamped. When Disney bought Star Wars, at the request of Kennedy, they made "Star Wars land" in the image of the sequel trilogy. Kennedy's point was the sequels are the future, so let's embrace that for the fans at the parks. Well... Kids never attached themselves to the sequel trilogy characters like they hoped. As a result merchandise that caters to those films doesn't sell, not in stores or in the parks. So they are revamping the parks again to make the "land" similar to what we see in The Mandalorian. Which rumors say Kennedy
  17. Toys are HARDLY a "dying" industry, lol. Anyone that truly believed that must not have kids. I will say you won't see as many 10-12 year olds playing with them like they did 30 years ago. But kids 9 and under still want ALL the toys, trust me there. Do they want electronics as well? Yes of course, but tots are still in HIGH demand. Honestly rocknroll41, I know you are clearly a sequel trilogy fan, and that fine. But to say the rumors are unfounded is in accurate. Kathleen Kennedy WAS stripped of complete creative control by Disney's CEO, so you can't tell me she hasn't been in hot water.
  18. I agree. My family and I recently watched a SW marathon (for the first time since I watched TLJ, and started disliking SW). Anyways... Thanks to the Mandalorian, my daughter wanted to know the history of SW. We watched (in this order) 1. Rogue One 2. A New Hope 3. Empire 4. The Phantom Menace 5. Attack of the clones 6. Revenge 7. Return of the Jedi (Note ONLY Rogue One was included from the Disney films, which I would also include The Mandalorian). Those are really the only two things Disney has produced that are worthy imo.
  19. Are you some sort of Kennedy defender? The woman single handedly nearly destroyed Star Wars, and you only mentioned box office numbers. Well... A LOT more goes into Star Wars than just box office numbers, how about merchandise sales? Which under Kennedy, Star Wars merch hit the clearance rack for the first time EVER!!! You say "the young kids like the sequels like kids my age liked the prequels." Than why aren't the toys selling then? The Force Awakins made tons of money at the BO, yes. But it was based around the assumption that the big 3 (hamill, fisher, ford) would be reunited in the
  20. Despite the fact that I started this thread, I am NEARLY pulled back in by Wandavision, lol. While I don't think the show itself is amazing (Mandalorian was better), it's providing a glimpse into where the MCU might be heading. Based on what we've seen so far (and what I've heard on the rumors mill), this multiverse idea is FANTASTIC. We don't need to reboot the x-men (even though many of the films are flawed, they have some GREAT moments). Just cherry pick characters from the x-men movies, and incorporate them into the MCU. Make the x-men films, tobey maguire spiderman and Garfield Spide
  21. To me, it's like when James Gunn got fired from Guardians 2 (although I think Dave Batista got him back). Or even what's going on with Johnny Depp. Do we have to agree with people politically, personally, or whatever to enjoy their work? I have heard that Dave and Jon went to bat for her, and we're UPSET when they heard the news. Obviously it only rumors, but these Star Wars rumors tend to be pretty accurate, from what I've heard so far. Overall I agree that Star Wars and the Mandalorian can survive this issue, it's just a dangerous presidence that's being set. In Star Wars context
  22. For the record, if I made movies or was in the public spotlight, if I had the ability (higher in command, like a Kevin Feigie), I would have a STRICT no social media clause in the contracts. I would say "I don't care what your political or religious views are, if you want to work here, then we have a ZERO tolerance policy." This would solve a LOT of issues imo.
  23. Well we agree for once. I'm of the opinion right now that focusing on what unites us is FAR more fruitful than focusing on what divides us. As such, promoting things cause divide (whether intentional or by accedient), should be frowned on, by both sides of the political spectrum. Take what's going on in the NBA at the moment, in regards to the National Anthem. Even though, as an American, it would make me sad if they stopped playing it before sporting events. For the sake of unity, it might be for the best. Athletes have the right to say or do what they feel is right. While spectat
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