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  1. lol whatever is left in L*v*’s vault would be fine and dandy! I’ve given back plenty
  2. You could make it interesting and leak more stuff
  3. Cool stuff. Thanks for posting. Did Beavan have anything to do with This I Love? Never heard that before. Maybe he was just answering the question about recording Axl in a general way.
  4. Would be cool no doubt as the first time Axl and Slash shared the stage since 1993. Wonder how they’d work around Axl breaking his foot on Mr Brownstone. Anyone who was at that show notice he even injured himself?
  5. FYI: anyone who posted a GnR vid on the first page of this thread got flagged by you know who and are now taken down from YouTube. I would suggest not posting video links on here.
  6. I wanna talk about this mix that evader made almost from scratch of “The General”. The story goes, during the Euro tour in 2010, at a post-show party in Vienna, The General was played on the PA system. A fan was able to record some of the song and it leaked sometime in 2018. The leak is extremely difficult to parse much nuance of the song due to the party guests talking. Evader, whom I understand, strung together thousands of different Axl noises from the Rock Band multitracks— was able to make a coherent and in imo, a fucking great representation of what some of The General might sou
  7. Atlas Shrugged Hardschool Nothing Perhaps Eye on You State of Grace KOHD acoustic Quick Song (Axl lays down the melody, but no lyrics) The General was played at a post-show party in Vienna 2010, where a fan recorded and leaked a garbled mix of it while partygoers talk through it. Evaders mix is the best representation of what the song might be.
  8. This is one of the best shows Axl has ever put on for sure. There used to be an entire version of the show on YouTube from the audience in great quality. Had the part where Axl rips Dizzy and tells him to restart Madagascar. Wish I could find that again.
  9. lolol all this hype and disappointment for a hammerstein 06 playlist. if anything comes from this, it’ll probably be a short clip of SCOM from the troubadour or some such shit. prove us wrong ferny.
  10. This might be the best troll this band has ever pulled. Can’t wait to see #onthisday for next time! thanks team brazil!
  11. Lmao that link goes to a YouTube playlist of what they played at Hammerstein 2006. This band is beyond a fucking joke. Meanwhile, Radiohead and Springsteen are actually releasing concerts.
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