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  1. the timing mishap be damned (actually sounded cool to me!), HUGE improvement from Axl on Hard Skool in Raleigh. The choruses sound great and the verses sound just fine. His mistiming the last few choruses reminded me of the way he mistimed OMG at Rio 2001. Very cool.
  2. I actually think he sounded okay to good on this. Not even close to as bad as some of you are making it out to be.
  3. why do you still login every day if you can’t bring yourself to listen to a 3 min song? mind boggling 😂
  4. he teased the crowd saying “how long can this go on for?” and “stop the madness” right before going right into PC.
  5. yeah He sounded really strong the last hour or so.
  6. no Hard Skool this fucking band … he’s not even gonna announce it?
  7. damn they really might just go until midnight Hard Skool then PC
  8. Before Nightrain would be cool. or in between NR and KOHD. That section of the show is way too slow and boring.
  9. Slash’s You Gotta Move spot is pretty sweet. Axl should join like he did with Izzy in 2006.
  10. Youngroadie (betas granddaughter) is live streaming on IG
  11. hype for this is through the roof throw us a bone uncle Axl 😳
  12. “Content not found” is it 3 mins of Hardschool?
  13. nothing new yet. same stuff as usual so far hoping for TWAT in the encore. hopefully i don’t fall asleep during KOHD
  14. i was the only one in my section rocking out to Absurd 🥳
  15. ok i’ve a little gin but Axl sounds great on Civil War
  16. Axl sounds pretty good tonight. Mickey has been relegated to just parts of Estranged and Better so far. He’s using a powerful Mickey that works on some bits.
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