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  1. If GNR aren't going to release a new album, or at least do a proper "1987-1993 Golden Era" reunion tour with Izzy/Steven/Matt/Gilby, then they should just call it a career. I would be happy if modern day GNR ceased to exist and the principle members, A/S/D, authorized the release of UNEDITED live recordings from the golden era to (marginally) replace the touring revenue stream...
  2. Yes. I have seen almost every artist I ever wanted to see. I am not willing to put my life on the line to hear Axl screech out Welcome To The Jungle or SCOM again. I have a hard time believing near-capacity stadium shows by any band will occur in the USA, until a bulletproof vaccine has been distributed nationwide.
  3. Texas is in a world of shit right now. I blame our idiotic governor and lieutenant governor (both are trump shills). I believe there is a 50/50 chance that any of the 2021 North American rescheduled gigs happen. Personally, my concert attending days are over, so I am not disappointed that the local Texas GNR show was cancelled.
  4. I would say there is a 99.9% chance that the entire GNR North American 2020 tour will be cancelled.
  5. Have any GNR tracks that have never been officially released been played on GNR Radio yet? I am hoping the Los Angeles November 30, 2017 show will be broadcast in its entirety on the GNR specific channel...
  6. It's the Caram Costanzo remix which is far superior to the original broadcast.
  7. Did anyone else notice that a few lyrics from the beginning of Patience were cut, or was it just my webstream?
  8. Anything put on YouTube will only be removed, just like the clip of So Fine the other day. What a joke! I'm fairly confident that today's rebroadcast will find its way to the masses.
  9. The show has just restarted on SiriusXM. The "Equalizer Intro" was cut. The show begins with Frank counting into It's So Easy.
  10. The original live mix was a bottom heavy, poorly mixed, muddy mess. Caram's remix is much clearer and more dynamic. There is a night and day difference to me.
  11. Thankfully, the encore break featuring chatter from Eddie Trunk and Keith Roth was removed. I wonder if any of the songs were cut from today's re-broadcast?
  12. The Caram remix is "out there". It cannot be shared publicly (on torrent sites like DIME/TTD) because SiriusXM is a premium service, so you know how that goes... I wouldn't be surprised if someone captures today's re-broadcast. Who knows if the Apollo 2017 gig will ever be aired again after today?
  13. SiriusXM has been airing a different concert for 24 hours straight on Channel 30 over the last 9 days. https://blog.siriusxm.com/relive-live-concerts-from-paul-mccartney-lady-gaga-more-on-limited-run-channel/ The GNR Harlem Apollo 2017 show will air for at least another 18 hours on SiriusXM, so if you're trapped at home due to COVID19, and have a SXM subscription, check it out. While Axl's "mickey vocals" are in full force, at least the Harlem 2017 re-broadcast is of the rarely heard Caram Costanzo "remix", which aired a few times, several months after the original live performa
  14. Well, the scalpers buy up tons of tickets months in advance.
  15. Not to beat a Dead Horse. However, If you are planning to go to a local GNR show this year, please wait until the week/day of the show before buying a ticket. Don't over pay for the same old song and dance!
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