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  1. I wanted to mention that I received the Switch OLED one month ago and am really enjoying it. As a die-hard Playstation guy, I now understand why the Switch has been so popular for nearly 5 years. My current favorite game is Super Mario Odyssey. Ultra Street Fighter 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe are a lot of fun too! I was able to get the Switch OLED for $283 using some discounts. Ironically, the cost of a single, no frills, lower level GNR ticket is around $280-$300. IMHO, the Switch OLED is the far superior value. I am pleased with what I received for the same price as 1 GNR ticket!
  2. Thanks for the info. I am now VERY glad I stayed home. My 82 year old dad lives with me. Even though we are both vaccinated, we can't afford to take any chances.
  3. I'm glad you were able to get into the pit and had a blast!!! What was the mask/vaccination status situation like? I assume most masks came off once people got into the arena. I am at peace with missing last night's GNR show. Don't feel like I missed out on something I haven't seen multiple times before. I feel that I have aged out of concerts in general and COVID pushed me further in the direction of giving up concerts altogether. As someone in their mid-40s, I am more interested in getting a goodnight's sleep than attending a rock show. May the younger generation keep rocking! Peace!
  4. Call CS and raise hell. Stubhub has a tendency to provide poor post-transaction customer service, from my experience.
  5. Hmm. Sorry to learn this. You should also try stubhub tomorrow afternoon after 3pm. On workdays, scalpers get desperate and start slashing ticket prices as 5pm draws near. Dallas is a big money city. Perhaps, there are enough high rollers in the area to justify the high prices? Good luck! If you don't get into the show, you can wake-up on Thursday morning knowing you didn't spend Wednesday night flirting with covid-19.
  6. No deals on Ticketmaster yet? With TM, typically the longer you can hold out, the better deal you get.
  7. Keep an eye on the Ticketmaster page for the show. I suggest buying on Tuesday night or anytime on Wednesday. Prices are dropping. Have a great time and be as safe as you can! https://www.ticketmaster.com/guns-n-roses-2021-tour-dallas-texas-09-01-2021/event/0C005AB8DDFD3F77
  8. Personally, I would consider asking for a refund on the GNR tickets. What is the point of spending all of that money for GNR tickets only to be uncomfortable during the show, and then to wake up the next morning wondering if you were exposed to the virus by random people in the crowd?!? The anxiety related to potential COVID exposure would take all of the fun out of the show for me, so I am staying home. Stay safe!
  9. I ordered the VHS from a dealer who was advertising thousands of bootlegged concert VHS tapes in the back of rock magazines like Circus and RIP. The Chicago tape cost $30. I also ordered the Indiana 91 VHS which also cost $30.
  10. What time did the Chicago '92 show end? The bootleg of that gig is my favorite bootleg of all time. I remember watching it for the first time in early January of 1994 and freaking out when I heard the intro to Coma. As we know, there were no internet spoilers in those days.
  11. Is there a new tour book/program for the 2021 tour?
  12. Texas is in Delta hell and it's only getting worse. When will TB/Live Nation pull the plug on this indoor arena gig? Personally, I'm going to skip the Dallas show unless it's postponed until covid-19 has been erraddicated.
  13. I would be willing to sell my GNR tye-dye shirt, purchased in April of 1992 and only worn a few times. IF, I was made an offer I couldn't refuse.
  14. Thanks, October 8th cannot get here soon enough! After seeing the setlist for the "new" GNR tour, the Switch will be a MUCH better investment. I am always up for learning about recommended Switch titles, specifically games that are exclusive to the Nintendo console. I am looking forward to Metroid Dread!
  15. I'm currently playing Judgement on the PS5. I've been fascinated by modern Japanese culture for ages, and the graphics on the PS5 are so life-like that I feel like I am walking the streets of Tokyo. Judgement is highly addictive and highly recommended if you like Sega's Yakuza style games.
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