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  1. If GNR aren't going to release a new album, or at least do a proper "1987-1993 Golden Era" reunion tour with Izzy/Steven/Matt/Gilby, then they should just call it a career. I would be happy if modern day GNR ceased to exist and the principle members, A/S/D, authorized the release of UNEDITED live recordings from the golden era to (marginally) replace the touring revenue stream...
  2. Yes. I have seen almost every artist I ever wanted to see. I am not willing to put my life on the line to hear Axl screech out Welcome To The Jungle or SCOM again. I have a hard time believing near-capacity stadium shows by any band will occur in the USA, until a bulletproof vaccine has been distributed nationwide.
  3. Texas is in a world of shit right now. I blame our idiotic governor and lieutenant governor (both are trump shills). I believe there is a 50/50 chance that any of the 2021 North American rescheduled gigs happen. Personally, my concert attending days are over, so I am not disappointed that the local Texas GNR show was cancelled.
  4. I would say there is a 99.9% chance that the entire GNR North American 2020 tour will be cancelled.
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