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  1. hey when is that project with bootsy dropping is that known yet? last i saw anywhere was december but no specific date
  2. lmao so at least you aren't falling back to "my 1st amendment rights are being violated"
  3. lmao this is hilarious and if you don't see any humor in it you're mad stuck up
  4. hahahaha oh my god RTJ too? fuck yeah
  5. idk exactly when or why it was, but it switched to friday because that's when billboard now starts their week for counting sales. there's no rule against dropping a song or album any other day, but if you released a song, say, wednesday at midnight, its first week sales would only count for that day and the next. obviously the music industry is still driven by sales and there's a lot of prestige/$$ in maximizing your first week number, so naturally things shifted to friday.
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