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  1. This is just me speculating but I've heard people say it's the end of the republican party. I think it is to a degree. I think we're going to have a "Maga" like party like we had the tea party and you'll have more center right ala a Dan Crenshaw or a Tulsi Gabbard, Rand Paul etc. I could be wrong. It's going to be interesting the next 4 years that's for sure.
  2. Neil Young, Guess Who, Black Sabbath, Dio, CCR, and Alice Cooper.
  3. We'll get an album if they try and tour and it bombs. Purely to gauge interest if that.
  4. Paint a Wagon for me. One of Clint's greats. Watched Scare Me Haunt
  5. Love Sausage. Yes, that's actually his name in the comics
  6. That's because Fernado couldn't decided on which color the flaps should be.
  7. I feel like they're setting up Sinister Six and supposedly Tom Holland's Spidey appears in Venom 2. I think the long-term is Spiderverse.
  8. Only this band would release a pinball machine when people can't work or afford rent.
  9. Waiting for Vice to release an article saying rain in November is problematic.
  10. 1) https://observer.com/2016/07/wikileaks-proves-primary-was-rigged-dnc-undermined-democracy/ 2) At this point it's the South Park episode of voting for a turd sandwich or a douche.
  11. Imagine if the Dem's did sabotage Bernie like they did last election.
  12. Only Dylan can make american great.
  13. Fuck CNN, fuck fox news, and fuck the police.
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