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  1. This was my recording and it's funny how I got a copyright strike for it on YouTube, yet all these other uploads from MetLife and Boston didn't get taken down. 😂
  2. It's so surreal that one of the first new songs that Axl performed after Slash left the band is now the first "new" song from the reunion lineup *two decades* later. I really can't wait to find out the story behind how this track was selected and why they chose it over all the other old material there must be, or why they didn't just move in an entirely new direction and scrap the old stuff. It's just such a bizarre thought that Slash is now adding overdubs to Chinese Democracy demos. But at the same time I kind of love the punk attitude of releasing such a non-radio-friendly song, knowing it's going to get a lot of attention in the press for being the first new song with Slash in almost three decades. Bizarre. Absurd.
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