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  1. Alcohol would make someone look puffier than weed though, correct?
  2. I think recovery and mmlp2 are my favorites since his comeback. Recovery got a lot of flak but I actually like the ballads like going through changes and I didn't mind most of the tracks. Mmlp2 is his best all around record since his prime though, I reckon.
  3. I thought Kamikaze would have made a great EP, but was bogged down with some filler in the second half. This, however? I literally couldn't even get the whole way through it, and I used to be pretty obsessed with Eminem. He needs to start working with better producers. The angry yelling flow he has is reaching levels of self-parody. I went back to his late 90s output recently and it's like listening to a completely different rapper. I mean, listen to this. These are the kind of laid back flows he needs to go back to. https://youtu.be/IUfVqcjdd0w
  4. They are both brilliant. Each brought their own to the new band.
  5. Love the soundtrack choice in this one. Reminds me of Shadow of the Empire.
  6. To be fair, he's done that before. He used to have his own little private forum full of sock puppets that were clearly all orchestrated by one person, and he'd carry on conversations with himself in an attempt to make it look as if multiple users were online. This wasn't too long after her cyber-bullied me when I was underage (it started when I was about 14 or 15 and literally continues to this day. I'm now 31). To quote Buzz Lightyear: a sad, strange little man.
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