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  1. I would argue Prostitute based mainly off a post by Kaneda in which he said something along the lines of, "I can't wait to hear Axl rip into Prostitute for the first time..." This was before anyone had heard it but Chris' line made one think that it was a rocker, so, I think that fueled hype, at least on mygnrforum.
  2. Feels bad, man. Sorry you got hosed, too Fuck, I was planning on going with my sister since she was the one who first got me into the band like, 30 years ago. Welp, shit happens I guess.
  3. Shit, I had tickets to last summer's DC date which, as others have mentioned, looks to have been scrapped. Anyone have any idea how something like that works in terms of like- do you get issued a refund?; or maybe just "livenation credit" or something?
  4. In re. "get a different singer all together," i was thinking that Axl has such a distinct voice that nobody could ever do justice however, haha imagine if (God forbid) something ever happened where he had to sit out a tour and who steps up to replace him? Brian Johnson lol.
  5. Yeah I mean, probably this because like, if you think about it, what would ANY of us do that were millionaires? Haha like, isn't the benefit of being wealthy exactly that?: doing whatever the Hell you'd want?
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