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  1. In re. "get a different singer all together," i was thinking that Axl has such a distinct voice that nobody could ever do justice however, haha imagine if (God forbid) something ever happened where he had to sit out a tour and who steps up to replace him? Brian Johnson lol.
  2. Yeah I mean, probably this because like, if you think about it, what would ANY of us do that were millionaires? Haha like, isn't the benefit of being wealthy exactly that?: doing whatever the Hell you'd want?
  3. Shit, I'm way out of the loop, apparently (despite really still being a daily visitor for like the past 16 years) but Tim works for/with the band now? Wow that's awesome. The Illusion era and albums are the holy grail for me; no question (I'm also of the percentage of people who's never believed they have any 'filler' on them, anywhere lol). Honestly anything related to the Illusions, I'm way into. All video (especially stuff from 91, holy shit...), alt mixes, etc. Don't really care that much about merch (unless it's reprints of original designs; not new stuff [but i'd buy all ev
  4. Shit man, you sound like Axl and like... the song's genuinely really good!
  5. The craziest thing I've ever seen are music charts. I recorded a song down in Nashville recently with a few song writers and they ended putting it all in a "chart." They then handed it to the session musicians who'd never heard even the work draft of the song before. 5 minutes later, the song was recorded lol.
  6. My prediction is that it will probably sound reminiscent of the "good time" moments (like Bad Obsession, Bad Apples, Breakdown) on Illusions and Spaghetti (Human Being, Raw Power [yes, I know, covers, but])
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