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  1. Shit man, you sound like Axl and like... the song's genuinely really good!
  2. The craziest thing I've ever seen are music charts. I recorded a song down in Nashville recently with a few song writers and they ended putting it all in a "chart." They then handed it to the session musicians who'd never heard even the work draft of the song before. 5 minutes later, the song was recorded lol.
  3. My prediction is that it will probably sound reminiscent of the "good time" moments (like Bad Obsession, Bad Apples, Breakdown) on Illusions and Spaghetti (Human Being, Raw Power [yes, I know, covers, but])
  4. I'm in the state of shock as you, right now lol. I hope it's legitimately because he's now... uh... hard to believe I'm saying this but... passionate about selling cars (going from hollywood a&r guy in it's most decadent period, imo).
  5. I find that especially sad, too, because I bet you he doesn't actually think or dwell on Metallica anywhere near as much as the media makes it sound. Semi-related: I have a friend in Hollywood who does editing for a few different reality shows. I'll never forget the feeling of just about pure terror when he showed me a few clips from very well-known shows and goes, "So, what you're seeing? Yeah, none of this ever actually happened...." I'm like, "huh?" He's like, "All we did was string this together to make you think it happened but it never actually did..." So that's TV; imagine how muc
  6. I think even this, right now... and Hell, even that Alkaline Trio talking about their plans to release new music because of the crisis is a little in poor taste and quite frankly, a little classless. Like, it seems a along the lines of virtue signaling. Kind of like a, "aww, they're trying to do something positive in the face of global anxiety" but the truth is that, what the Hell is new music going to do to help anyone's health this month? We already have an entire human evolution's worth of music and if there's ever been a time to re-listen or re-watch stuff that you KNOW is a guaranteed
  7. That hilarious bastard also said he had the “Garden City Tapes” a handful of years ago, too lol. My guess, though, is that the album will be released from a tour bus that just pulled up outside Coyote’s (please God, don’t let me be the only one here who remembers that.... [I’m going back nearly 15 years ago on the forum haha])
  8. you guys think even the summer North American tour will be postponed? I mean, i gotta believe by the summer, the mania will have subsided pretty significantly, no?
  9. Not sure which thread this is most appropriate for but seeing as how we've got a global pandemic on our hands, I thought it'd be important for it to receive top billing if only til mods replace it elsewhere. Taken straight from the official list of recommended cleaning products from the Center for Disease Control, courtesy of the Las Vegas Review Journal (last one down on the list):
  10. Unpopular opinion, apparently (all due respect to everyone, though): I voted "still great!" Can't help it. Sure, I'd like new music from every band I like but I'm still thrilled with everything in its current state.
  11. I KNEW those were pet collars from what I had a feeling were his beloved pets that have passed on. Just had a feeling. Feeling confirmed, lol. RIP animal friends <3
  12. This might seem unrelated, but I assure it's not: does anyone know if any of the distribution services that allow independent artists to release music, such as CDBaby and DistroKid, etc. are the only way to upload to streaming services?; or do record labels such as Universal, etc. have their own like, license or something with Apple Music, Spotify, etc. (lotta etcs, lol) that allows uploading to said services? edit: granted, I'm not implying GN'R ought to just upload the music themselves, seeing as how that would probably be some sort of contractual breach or something but I'm still curio
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