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  1. Pepe Le Pew was great. Fuck those people who sent him to the shadow realm.
  2. While I agree with your statement, terrorists will find other ways to kill others if we take guns out of the equation. They will just start bombing schools and other buildings. Society is full of sick and twisted people. People will continue to murder until we are all dead.
  3. Disagree. Guns don't kill people. People kill people.
  4. I have both my shots. First shot didn't hurt. I had a black and blue mark for a few weeks though. The second shot hurt like a bee sting. Not pleasant. But literally no side effects. No swelling. No pain. I sympathize with the anti-vaxxers. I get it. It's kind of hard to trust a shot that's been developed in eight months. Nobody knows the long term effects. Very little study and trials have been conducted, but the effectiveness of the vaccine is undisputed. I will take my chances.
  5. I have been off and on treatment for major depression and anxiety since I was sixteen. Doctor was a straight shooter. Either take the meds, quit drinking and have a decent chance of normalcy, or keep drinking and stay miserable. My current doctor doesn't know this, but I've had alcohol related health issues in the past. This isn't the first time I was told to quit. But it was the first time a doctor was so rudely blunt about it.
  6. My doctor told me I have to quit drinking. Which sucks. I don't know if I'm ready.
  7. Far from it. They are highly intelligent sociopaths.
  8. Whether it is or it isn't is irrelevant. At this point we haven't heard much about COVID-19 relief regardless of income.
  9. How would this be an issue? Not trying to be a dick, but I'm genuinely curious what your sources are on this. It was under my understanding that the democrats have control of both the house and senate by majority, so under what authority does McConnell have? He is in the minority. Also not trying to be a condescending dick again, but please tell me when we can expect 2k stimulus payments?
  10. All things considered, I was very happy with this year's NFL season. I hope we can have fans in the stands next year, but the broadcast and the league did a great job putting all together. Only six more months until football.
  11. Remember when the Democrats won Georgia they guaranteed 2k stimulus checks? I remember. 24 days since Biden was inaugurated.
  12. I am glad I got the chance to ride Splash Mountain before Disneyland rips it out for being racist. I'm not looking forward to taking my son to Disneyland. The newest generation of Disney is Marvel and weird.
  13. Well I guess I shouldn't expect another stimulus payment. I know America practices "Dog eat dog" theology, but this pandemic isn't over. And they campaigned on 2k stimulus checks. Kind of shitty.
  14. Me too. I laughed at Bitcoin when it hit $11k years ago. What a fool I am. While the odds are not in our favor, it is better than buying a lotto ticket as Mark Cuban said. I have a $1.5 Call on Sundial. Keep smoking hippies.
  15. Marvel always sucked, sucked now, and will continue to suck. When ever my wife drags me into their dogshit movies, I make sure they serve alcohol at the theater.
  16. Tampa Bay (+3.5) and o56, $20 to win $49.91 Hedged KC to win by 1-6pts @ +350. $30 to win $105. KC to lead by 1-6pts after 1Q @ +450. $5 to win $22.50. Scotty Miller to have 70+ rec yards and a TD. $2.82 to win $31. I plan on losing big money. 💰 💰 💰
  17. Imagine being me, with no purpose or direction, putting all the spare change I can find into Robinhood as my "retirement" (No job pays a liveable wage anymore). Then 60 years go by, and I can finally afford a month of rent at some squalor apartment in Chicago. Hooray! BUT WAIT! I cannot sell my shares because some asshole on his yaht around the coastal region of Italy is losing his hooker money! God forbid! So my assets are frozen! The stock falls. Falling faster than an airliner. 📉 Fuck me! I guess I'm eating trash and living under a bridge again.
  18. Get a job, friggin' hippes!
  19. WSB threatening a class action lawsuit against Robinhood.
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