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  1. What other interviews were on their channnel? Did they have any reason for taking them down? I really want to hear Sean Beavan talk about the cd-era.
  2. Ok. Thats sad. I would really like to listen to this. If anyone can hook me up with an alternative link or something I would be so happy. 2 hours of Sean Beavan sounds so interesting!
  3. Sorry for bumping this thread but where is this interview? The link is dead. I would really like to listen to this. Please hook me up if I can find it somewhere. If someone could help me find it it would be much appriaciated.
  4. The podcast is awesome. Thanks for doing it. I have not been listening to all episodes throughout the years. Which are the episodes with some nice behind the scenes of Chinese Democracy? I have found the episodes with Brain anad Gary Sunshine. Awesome stuff! Any more episodes with some nice details about the making of CD?
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