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  1. Axl always pulls it together from complete disaster time after time... This time will be interesting, without new music, singing songs that seem beyond his capabilities.... Who knows what shit show will happen. I think he should pull the 2010 look, jeans and loose button up t-shirts with dress jackets..
  2. The release and promotion was terrible! I was so hyped thinking we would get to see GUNS on tv, radio, award shows etc and it went off like a candle in the wind. Error #1 Not having Better as the lead single with an epic video Error #2 Axl disappearing. And it goes on and on.
  3. The General is epic. Similar style to ‘Sorry’. Clean chorus, raspy vocals. lyrics Do you remember who did it? Who did that to you? Who would do this, to you? Who would do this, to you, to the young? Who would do THAT to me boy Up to abuse ( ? ) in fact, you knew them Who wants to lose, to lose....do you? My hopes, my dreams have died Now I rest my hate in the rumors as they're pushin' through There's a child now chained to the bed now To me it's time I'm always workin' and I'm gonna get out I think it's high time you should fuckin' die, child I think this time you've broken everything inside I won't be ever satisfied This is why, baby, you know I got you.
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