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  1. well im glad im not the only one who thinks with this release in feburary it means not full length album this year minus the fact i thought the singles were leading up to a full release this year. guess not. im happy for this little mini release but at the same time...damn.. either way can someone enlighten me to the comments fernando made on reddit about "slotting stuff up for release" Im curious about it
  2. waking up to this is a surprise. i hope this means a new album is actually coming out. I mean when chinese democracy had singles released the album did come out, not counting oh my god lol
  3. do any of you guys know if the band will honor the old tickets? my fiance bought me tickets to the boston show before covid, only thing is she bought them from a third party site. I thought i saw that only ticketmaster purchases will be honored for the new date. Does anyone perhaps have any more info about that?
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