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  1. They came on about 8:20 and played until a little before 11.
  2. I would prefer current Axl vocals (or at least a mix), mainly because it would at least show that he's trying and motivated to make new music. The only thing this song shows is that he can sign a consent form to release something from 20 years ago.
  3. I mean, he was just screwing around and having fun with it by getting the crowd involved. I didn't think he was really "trying" to sing it if that makes sense? No regulations at the NJ show tonight. Some people had masks, but that was just a personal choice if you wanted to wear one.
  4. Conspiracy theory: Maybe Axl wanted to release this knowing it would get shit on and he can use this as an excuse to not put anything else out.
  5. Yeah, this pretty much makes me believe that Axl isn't recording any new vocals in the studio again.
  6. It was definitely full. By the time Guns came on it was hard to spot empty seats.
  7. Axl be like, alright I'll give you a new song but I'm not writing or singing or composing anything new lol
  8. Did Axl rerecord any of the verses or is it the same from 2002 or whatever?
  9. Also, Axl kept randomly singing "You Got What I Need" by Biz Markle and got the crowd to sing along with him. Also dedicated KOHD to him and told a story about a time they met in 2006 when Biz saw Axl's car parked outside of a club.
  10. Just got back from the show. Awesome time! Axl didn't sound his best, but he was easily the most engaged, happy and energetic I've ever seen him. I thought he sounded fine overall. Didn't really struggle with any songs except for You Could Be Mine and he completely butchered Chinese Democracy. They definitely are playing with a slower tempo on this tour, my guess is to help his voice. I couldn't fuckin believe it when he announced the new single dropping at midnight. Overall, a really, really fun show. It was nice to experience live music again, as much as I hate stadium shows.
  11. This will be an easy pass for me tonight since I hate the Giants.
  12. I'm going tonight and looking forward to it. GNR is my favorite band so even if Axl doesn't sound his best, it should be a good rock show and will be nice to see live music again. Would love it if they played Hard School, but I honestly have zero expectations when it comes to this band anymore. What I am not looking forward to is this show being rescheduled to a fuckin Thursday after it was supposed to be on a Saturday last year.
  13. Anyone who was there know when GNR took the stage and how long they played for? I'm seeing them tomorrow. Also, I don't even care that Absurd sucks. I just can't believe this band actually did colab together to make something semi new.
  14. I got tickets for Thursday, very interested to see if they play longer tonight than they did in PA. I fully expect the same setlist for the rest of the tour aside for swapping some songs in and out.
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