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  1. Cursed be the life of an individual who Axl Rose their 2nd favorite singer, nobody should like the quick song vocal demo as much as I do.

  2. Going down....... YES! Now, SILKWORMS!

    1. Cosmo


      ...wondering if this is it and we're not having any more leaks :(

    2. Un42nutzly
    3. Cosmo


      Really? No Silkworms, OMG or TIL remix with raspy new vocals? :(

  3. Is Rockin Out, 2 Cosmic Egg, The New Wolfmother Record!

  4. KISS pwns the amy lee band any day

  5. Thnx 4 the compliment!

  6. Viva El Johnny Firecloud

    Chinese Democracy is real!

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